Driving up our membership across CWU contact centre sites is critical for a number of reasons:
To widen our pool of activists and potential activists now and in the future.

Many non-members have no experience of trade unions. It’s vital that we engage with them now and bring them into the trade union family.

To strengthen our bargaining power when negotiating with companies by representing as high a density of workers as possible.

Following from LTB 179/2016, with the success of other action weeks in mind and to maintain and build on the good branch work, the T&FS constituency will be running a week of action on 8-12th August. T&FS branches with contact centre members are asked to support this campaign with the following action:
Leaflet or have a presence in at least one recognised contact centre site during the week using CWU resources and the CWU Contact Centre Charter. Please order hard copies of any leaflets you require through my office via Ray Walsh ( as soon as possible. You can view the resources on the following link: Can branches contact Ray Walsh ( and nominate the contact centre(s) they will target.

Assist T&FS Field Organisers who will be leafleting non-recognised contact centres throughout the above weeks. The Field Organisers will contact branches providing dates for leafleting non-recognised sites well in advance.

Contribute photographs and news of site visits to give a sense of action taken around the country. Please send your stories and pictures through to my office via Ray Walsh ( By contributing to this website we convey T&FS unity and the ability and desire to work together to strengthen the union. Branches may wish to delegate responsibility for this aspect to one individual to ensure that we are able to publicise the work we are doing.

Publicise Call Centre Action Week through branch publications and e-newsletters.

Field organisers are on hand to provide, help, assistance and advice on any of the above, should this be required, and branches are encouraged to utilise their assistance. 
Thank you in advance for your support and involvement in this important campaign.
Yours sincerely
Andy Kerr                                                                    
Deputy General Secretary (T&FS)
Email Attachments – Click to download

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