Dear Colleague
A CWU Delivery Blueprint – Foundations for a New Delivery Model was originally formulated in 2009. This document was ratified by the Postal Executive on the 4th March 2009 and became CWU policy which was taken into the subsequent negotiations and now forms the basis of the delivery section of the BT 2010 agreement. This document was subsequently updated and the revised and updated version of the 2009 document that took account of the changes that had taken place within the Postal Industry, both internally and externally was also placed before the Postal Executive in August 2013. That document took into account many of the issues our Delivery Representatives and members had encountered in the intervening period as delivery revisions were rolled out across the UK and competition became more prevalent. Much of the policy was included in the delivery section of the Agenda for Growth Agreement and carried into the Integrated Delivery Programme.
A similar approach has also been taken in the production of the CWU Delivery Blueprint for a New Delivery Model 2016 which was agreed by the Postal Executive at its statutory meeting on the 5th July 2016. The revised document is not intended to provide all the answers or go into the fine detail of what an agreement will ultimately look like; as we are all aware situations will develop through any set of negotiations. It is what it says a ‘Blueprint’, a policy document that provides direction for negotiation, outlines the CWU position and a CWU policy/framework for the establishment of a new delivery model going forward.
The document has been developed through the full involvement of the CWU Delivery Reference Group and subsequently with input from ADR briefings to bring us to the position we have reached today. The intention yet again is one of uniting CWU activists and members behind a common agenda and purpose. This document provides that platform going forward in a clear and concise manner that is easily understood. There was no outright opposition to the document at any of the ADR briefings but a number of alterations were made to accommodate many of the points raised and discussed. There are elements of the document that are clearly generic and they should be read within the spirit and context that they are meant, as indicators and reminders of some of the key objectives of the CWU and necessary requirements of an overall agreement covering all functions.
The document is now agreed Postal Executive policy and it will be taken into the national discussions that will be scheduled with Royal Mail regarding the future of the industry. The ‘Blueprint’ will be the delivery policy in negotiations going forward. However to be absolutely clear this will not detract from our overall CWU commitment to achieve a joined up agreement for the benefit of all of our members, nor will it override our existing national policies. It is designed to add weight and focus to the overall campaign and negotiations so that we are able to move forward in unison on all fronts.
The document in its current form will at some appropriate point be shared with Royal Mail as they are aware we have been developing it and it is a matter of fact that whatever documents we put into the field inevitably end up in their possession any way. The document will be a CWU document/ negotiators brief for the subsequent negotiations.
Also circulated as supporting documentation to the Delivery Blueprint 2016 is the WIK Report commissioned by OFCOM and the CWU European Postal Comparators Report commissioned by the Outdoor Department and produced by the CWU Research Department. Both documents provide a fuller picture of the Postal Industry at home and abroad and an indication of some of the issues that will form part of the national negotiations regarding the future of Royal Mail.
Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 230.03
Yours sincerely                                                            
Bob Gibson
CWU Assistant Secretary – Outdoor                             
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Attachment 2: WIK Final Report

Attachment 3: CWU Delivery Blueprint 2016

Attachment 4: European Postal Comparators

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