Dear Colleagues
Branches and members will be aware we submitted a pay claim on 6th January for a one-year unconditional pay increase for Crown members of at least 1.9%, to achieve parity with year three of the three year pay agreement reached in December 2014 for members working in Admin & Supply Chain.
After much procrastination on the part of the Post Office, an improved offer was finally received on 14th July this offer is as follows
a 1.9% pay rise on basic pay, overtime rates and all pensionable allowances including London Weighting fully backdated to 1st April 2016

One major condition was placed on the pay offer as follows:
The offer above is contingent on the acceptance that the Christmas Eve Opening Hours dispute is resolved with immediate effect with the union accepting the position of the Post Office (this would mean a 16:00 closure on Christmas Eve going forward).
Rejection of the Conditional Pay Offer
As the prospect of a Post Office wide dispute becomes increasingly likely, it is totally inappropriate and outwith conference policy to agree a condition which has absolutely nothing to do with pay. The Post Office is simply being opportunistic and should instead seek to resolve the Christmas opening hours issue in a completely separate negotiation. As a consequence, the Postal Executive yesterday unanimously rejected this conditional offer.
The Christmas conditionality is principally unacceptable, especially given the Unite pay agreement for managers reached just last week which was also a 1.9% pay increase from the pay date of 1st June 2016 with absolutely no strings attached.
Last Friday we consulted with the Territorial and Area Representatives and the overall consensus amongst these Reps is supportive of the reject position.
Next Steps
Following the Postal Executive’s decision, we have written to the Post Office to formally reject the pay offer due to the conditionality around Christmas opening hours.
We have advised The Post Office
Any further developments will be reported to Branches and Crown members as appropriate.  
Andy Furey 
Assistant Secretary
Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB436/16 – Post Office: Crown Office Pay 2016 – Update

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