Customer Service Points (CSP) / Enquiry Offices – Mystery Shopper Survey 

Customer Service Points (CSP) / Enquiry Offices – Mystery Shopper Survey

Further to LTB 593/15 dated 14th September 2015 titled Sunday Services – Enquiry Offices (Customer Service Points) Branches will note that within the agreement there was a paragraph headed Royal Mail Parcel Acceptance reproduced below:


In order to provide customers with a uniform service across all Royal Mail Enquiry Offices, parcel acceptance will be a standard offering from October 2015 in all Enquiry Offices. This will be for all pre paid items e.g. Online Postage and Meter. Parcel acceptance for returns will also become a standard offering from April 2016. Deployment will be supported by training and communication.


As a result of its success the Parcel Acceptance has now been extended to include stamped mail at Customer Service Points/Enquiry Offices. Consequently The Civil Aviation Authority requires Royal Mail to follow the correct acceptance process for mail, and also requires them to check that the processes are followed. A copy of the process map is attached to this LTB and a copy of the WTLL that will be issued.


In order to comply with the process requirements mentioned above Royal Mail has advised the CWU that they are working with an independent research company, TNS, to conduct Mystery Shopper exercises in Customer Service Points/Enquiry offices, which is already something they do in Post Offices.


A Mystery Shopper will bring a stamped item to a Customer Service Point/Enquiry Office and will then observe whether the processes are followed correctly.


A report will then be prepared by TNS and sent to Royal Mail, with information on how the offices performed. No individuals will be identified or mentioned in the report. The report once finalised will be shared with the CWU and will factor in discussions regarding next steps, including further product offerings and further training requirements for offices that did not follow the processes correctly.


Any enquiries should be addressed to quoting reference 530


Yours Sincerely


Bob Gibson

CWU Assistant Secretary – Outdoor


WTLL Brief Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper Process Map

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