National Referendum – In or Out Campaign

National Referendum – In or Out Campaign 

Dear colleagues,


National referendum material will have begun arriving in Delivery Offices. This LTB is being circulated to hopefully provide some clarity around the documents/leaflets and what will be paid for under the terms of Election Material Agreement.


Unit payments are due for the delivery of all poll cards.


Unit payments are due for all referendum communications posted by the two designated campaign groups (Stronger In Europe and Vote Leave). Each campaign is sending one addressed mailing to each elector on the register. This will mean more than 1 item per household where there is more than 1 person eligible to vote. All will attract the unit payment.


The mail pieces are marked as ‘referendum communications’ which will distinguish them from other items.


As addressed items they have a 3 day delivery specification.


It is expected that the ‘Stronger In Europe’ and ‘Vote Leave’ campaigns will produce further versions of the referendum communications. Although each campaign can send only one referendum communication to each elector, they might send different versions at different times to addresses with more than one person eligible to vote. This could mean that different people in the same household receive a different version of the referendum communication and all will qualify for the unit payment



Any enquiries should be addressed to quoting reference 535.09


Yours Sincerely
Bob Gibson

CWU Assistant Secretary – Outdoor



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