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Motion 40 reproduced below was carried at Postal Conference 2015.


This Conference instructs the Postal Executive that a review of IHR Agreement is carried out due to the mismanagement of the agreed process and lack of real engagement to find alternative work and in some cases management seeking IHR when a reasonable adjustment has already been agreed and the member has not been absent due to this adjustment.
South and East Thames Amal

The department have held discussions with Royal Mail and have negotiated a redeployment due to ill health guide for managers.

Please find attached a Joint Statement between Royal Mail and the CWU.

The full guide is also attached to this LTB.

The main points of the guide are:-

• Managers have to exhaust all other options, including reasonable adjustment within their own office, prior to looking at redeployment.

• Member(s) have an input into what work they can / cannot perform.

• Managers have to email offices and get responses when looking for redeployment – not just verbal confirmation.

• Managers have to search for at least 4 weeks for alternative work for redeployment prior to ill health retirement.

• Managers have to set up ‘vacancy alerts’ for our member(s).

Any enquiries should be addressed to PTCS department, quoting reference PTC/RE/dj/409.
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Carl Maden​
Acting Assistant Secretary

Attendance – Redeployment due to Ill Health – Joint Communication.

Royal Mail and the CWU are committed to ensuring the redeployment process should be followed when it is recognised that an employee cannot perform their normal role due to ill health.

What is redeployment due to ill health?
Redeployment is when suitable alternative employment in Royal Mail Group is sought for employees who are unable to carry out their normal role effectively with or without adjustments, due to ill health or an underlying medical condition.

When is redeployment considered?
Managers should consider redeployment when an employee has a long-term illness, or has a condition that affects their ability to perform their normal role. Reasonable adjustments (if appropriate) should already have been attempted and all other options such as different hours or a change to the content of their normal role, should have been exhausted. An employee can also request redeployment on the grounds of ill health when it is supported by advice from the Occupational Health Service (OHS).

Starting the process
The manager refers the employee to the OHS for advice on what tasks the employee is and is not able to perform. Where possible, the manager and employee should complete the referral form together. They should provide as much information on why redeployment due to ill health is being considered.

The OHS report
Once the OHS report has been received, the employee will be invited to a meeting with the manager. The meeting will be used to discuss the employee’s ability to work and identify work they are capable of completing. The manager should decide whether redeployment is a suitable option and discuss this with the employee.

Redeployment opportunities
• If the manager decides redeployment is appropriate, for two weeks the manager will search for suitable redeployment opportunities for the employee locally (within the same or local units).
• If no suitable redeployment opportunities can be found locally, the manager will then look across the wider business for a further two weeks
• Throughout this time, the manager should keep the employee updated on any progress or delays
• A record should be kept of all correspondence such as OHS reports, conversations, notes, job searches made, and emails sent and received. Managers should seek to receive a response to all emails sent regarding redeployment. Before any decision is shared with the employee, the manager should have all the information available to make a decision about the next steps.

Redeployment opportunity found
If a redeployment opportunity is found, the employee is offered the redeployment role. This must be confirmed in writing and the manager should complete an Employee Change Request form (if appropriate).

Redeployment unsuitable
The manager will explain in writing to the employee if redeployment is not appropriate. This will include whether the employee is covered by the Equality Act or not. If no suitable position is identified and no further adjustments can be made, the manager should discuss the options in the ill health policy with the employee.

Further support
• Guidance for managers and supporting forms are available on the Policy and Information site on PSP (see the Attendance and Ill health sections) Refer to the guidance when looking for redeployment
• Managers can contact HR Services Advice and Support
• Employees can speak to their manager or Union representative
• Support is also available from the First Class Support advice line on 0800 6888 777 or
click on link to view the document

Attach 1 Redeployment Due to Ill Health Guide




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