The purpose of this LTB is to advise Branches of major forthcoming initiatives on National Postal Workers Day 14th December and our People Post Campaign.


Members’ Home Mailing – Next Week


All CWU members will receive a home mailing next week explaining the objectives of the People’s Post Campaign, why it matters to them and how the pressures of rigged competition and a fully privatised Royal Mail are linked to many of the difficult issues members face in their workplace.


The pamphlet will also set out our plans for National Postal Workers’ Day on the 14th December and how this will coincide with the launching of an online petition in support of the campaign objectives.


In essence, we are hoping to make the 14th December (traditionally the highest posting day of the year) a celebration of the role postal workers play in delivering the universal postal service each day to 29 million addresses across the UK.


How CWU members can help


Crucially, the pamphlet goes on to set out how members can help promote the day and our ongoing campaign. The pamphlet itself is designed to be used as a poster publicising National Postal Workers’ day and we are asking members to take selfies with the poster of them, their office and with customers and share these via social media. We are also asking CWU members to come up with their own innovative ideas to publicise the day and the importance of their role and postal services.


To coincide with the day we will be launching an online petition designed ultimately to achieve 100,000 signatures which will trigger a fresh debate in Parliament about the future of UK postal service, the threat of competition and in particular the Regulators role. The timing of this will allow us to build momentum over the coming weeks and months in anticipation of the Regulator announcing the results of their consultation to bring forward more competition dogma around March/April next year.


Media Coverage


The union has worked hard to secure a number of national press articles on the day and these will be shared with Branches electronically as they are published. We have also taken adverts out in the Daily Mirror, New Statesman and Big Issue. Additionally, a number of high profile figures and MPs have pledged their support for National Postal Workers’ Day and we will be sharing their videos, messages and tweets on the day.


The People’s Post petition will also be going out via email to all CWU members with email addresses. This will of course also be circulated on a wider basis.


The General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary (Postal) will also be visiting workplaces on the day to further raise the profile. Next week we will be working to increase the opportunity for media coverage, although as everybody knows, this will ultimately depend on the news agenda for that day.


What we need from Regions, Divisions, Branches and members


We understand that National Postal Workers’ Day falls at a very busy time of the year for our Branches and members – but it also presents a real opportunity for publicity given the Christmas pressure period. Ultimately, we need support from all sections of the CWU and our members to make the day a success.


We are asking Representatives, Branches, Divisions and Regions to undertake the following activities in support of the campaign.


1. We ask that Regions/Branches send out a press release to all local media contacts in their area – we have attached a draft to assist you with this.

2. We request Regions/Branches give consideration to taking out adverts in local publications. A version of the national advert is attached and we are happy for Branches to use this at local level.

3. The link for our People’s Post Petition is – we ask that all Regions/Branches share this via their email systems, social media pages, websites and through sending text messages to members.

4. Branches should organise photoshoots on the day with members holding their National Postal Workers Day posters. These should be shared via social media using #PeoplesPost or emailed to

5. We believe that our members are an underused resource for us as a union. We ask that members find innovative and exciting ways of getting our messages out on the day. Prizes will be provided for the best members, Branch and Regional photos.


o support Branches and CWU Representatives we have attached to this LTB the following documentation.


• An advance copy of the pamphlet (not the printed version), this should be used by our representatives as a brief to explain Postal Workers’ Day and our campaign to our members.

• A model press release for Branches to use with their local media.


It is essential that all Branches and representatives play an active part in making the day a success.


We would urge Branches to select a manageable number of units and focus their efforts on these.


We would also ask you to ensure the content of this LTB and in particular the CWU Reps Brief is provided to all reps as soon as possible. Please consider supplementing our national message with your own tailored Branch message in your workplaces.


The external pressures brought about by the privatisation and unfair regulation of the Postal Industry is having a direct impact on the issues we are dealing with in offices across the UK. National Postal Workers Day offers us an opportunity to celebrate the role of postal workers and raise the profile of our campaign.


Finally, further information will sent out next week, particularly on the online petition. Please do everything that you can to support National Postal Workers Day.


Yours sincerely



Dave Ward​Terry Pullinger

General Secretary​Deputy General Secretary (P)










Monday, December 14th marks the celebration of National Postal Workers Day. As part of the People’s Post campaign, the Communication Workers Union is proud to highlight the role played in communities across the UK by our loyal members.


National Postal Workers Day is supported by the Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennett, author Owen Jones and Associate Editor of the Mirror, Kevin Maguire. The People’s Post campaign was launched in July with a Westminster Rally and in October over 8,000 people attended an event at Manchester Cathedral with #PeoplesPost reaching 1.5million twitter accounts in a single day.


(BRANCH SECRETARY) said “National Postal Workers Day is a chance for businesses and customers across the UK to thank their local postie for their efforts across the year. With today being one of the busiest posting days of the year this is particularly pertinent. Postal Workers are facing threats to their terms and conditions as well as the service they provide. People can show their support by signing our People’s Post petition or using #PeoplesPost on social media.”


Supporters can sign the petition calling for a Parliamentary debate on Postal Services at


For interviews and photo opportunities please contact BRANCH SECRETARY




The People’s Post Campaign Objectives


The campaign has a number of specific objectives as follows:-


– New and stronger legislation to safeguard daily deliveries.

– A complete overhaul of the Regulator’s role and a limit to competition.

– An end to insecure employment models across the postal sector – ending Ofcom’s push for a race to the bottom.

– New innovative products and services for customers and an enhanced role for postal workers in communities.

– The establishment of a Workers’ Trust, giving staff a collective voice to rival private hedge funds and investors.

– The Re-nationalisation of Royal Mail (a Labour Party commitment) and reintegration of the Post office network.





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