Romec members future is in the balance!

Greater Manchester Branch               London Postal Engineering Branch  


Dear Colleagues

Romec members future is in the balance!

You are no doubt aware that a decision on the future of Romec is imminent. We understand that a decision is likely to be made later this month! A review of Romec is looking at 2 options – either outsourcing to a company called Cofely or bringing it back into Royal Mail. 

We believe that the decision has all but been made and our members willbe thrown to the ‘Wolves’

We believe that it is essential that we build a groundswell of support for our Romec members that will help ensure that Royal Mail do the right thing and bring Romec back in house. To this end we are asking all Postal Branches to sign up to the following ‘statement’ and consider circulating it to your members. Please let us have your views and support as soon as possible, we aim to circulate supporting Branches in the very near future.

CWU says NO to the Outsourcing of Romec

• Royal Mail is reviewing the future of Romec, a subsidiary which employs 2,000 CWU members in Cleaning, Engineering and Admin grades, who maintain Royal Mail buildings. 
• Royal Mail has told the union that its ‘preferred option’ is to hand over Romec – and everyone who works in Romec – to a company called Cofely, part of a huge multi-national conglomerate 
• If this happens our members will become employees of Cofely– without even the limited protection of TUPE laws. Their only other alternative would be to resign without compensation. 
• The CWU is arguing for Romec to be brought back under full Royal Mail control – as BT has done very successfully with its engineering and cleaning services. We believe this would give RM the best service while protecting the jobs, pay and other terms of our members – but we fear that Royal Mail has already made up its mind to get rid of Romec.
• Romec members are loyal to Royal Mail – many of them have long service – but it seems this loyalty is one way and the business wants to cast them aside. 
• Romec Cleaners are our lowest paid members – their basic pay is 2p an hour less than the national living wage. The terms for Cleaners in outside industry are so bad that this puts them in the top 10% for Cleaners wages. We believe their pay, and other terms and conditions will come under immediate attack if they are outsourced.
• The Agenda for Growth agreement gives our members in Royal Mail protection against outsourcing – but Romec isn’t covered by this because it’s a subsidiary company. The CWU can’t accept that Royal Mail can treat our members in Romecdifferently to how they have agreed, in a legally binding agreement, to treat our members in Royal Mail
• The whole RM membership must back our Romecmembers with the full strength of the union – an injury to one is an injury to all!


Please email your support to:

John Humphries  Jim Mc

London Postal Engineering BranchGreater Manchester Branch

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