LTB 561/2014 Professional Driver Opportunities

Letter to Branches

No. 561/2014 Ref: 216.01 Date: 4th September 2014

For The Immediate Attention Of All:

Postal Branches
Divisional Representatives
Regional Organisers
Area Distribution Representatives

Dear Colleague
Royal Mail Logistics –Professional Driver Opportunities (Class C+E Licence)

Please find attached a self-explanatory Joint Statement that has been agreed with Royal Mail Logistics in relation to recruitment opportunities for Class C+E licence holders.

Branches are requested to ensure that this LTB is given immediate circulation to representatives and that our members are made aware of this opportunity by way of the attached Joint Statement being given the widest publicity.

As always the department thanks you for your assistance in this matter.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Terry Pullinger, Assistant Secretary, email: or quoting reference number.

Yours sincerely

Terry Pullinger
Assistant Secretary

Joint Statement Between Royal Mail Logistics And The CWU Regarding The Resourcing Approach For The Immediate Professional Drivers Recruitment And The Next Steps Regarding Driver Career Path and Diversity


Royal Mail Logistics and the Communications Workers Union are working together to create a more sustainable workforce in the National Logistics Professional Driving Function. Both parties recognise that there is an immediate need to fill circa 200 Professional Driver jobs across the UK. The purpose of this joint statement is to set out the high level resourcing principles and timescales for this campaign, and to begin to lay the foundations for future aspirations for a driver career path and diversity process.

Against this backdrop our Joint Working Group has researched the issue of manpower in this area and have identified that there is an immediate business need to increase our Professional Driver resource. In addition to the immediate business need there is also a joint aspiration to create a sustainable driver career path balanced against business resourcing needs.


In order to achieve the immediate business need of circa 200 Professional Drivers a recruitment campaign commenced on 2nd September 2014. Access to this campaign is via the Royal Mail Internal recruitment website quoting Role reference number RML058438. The closing date for applications is 23rd September 2014 and all applications must be made via the Internal recruitment website.

Initially we will be resourcing from suitably qualified Royal Mail Group applicants and criteria are in line with the Professional Drivers Agreement (PDA).

Internal Criteria

 Initially the selection will be from a list of suitable Royal Mail Employees who have applied via the Royal Mail Recruitment Website (IRIS) and who hold the relevant C+E licence.
 No current record on an individual’s licence of dangerous driving or drink driving (includes accident/speeding/tacho offence history).
 Less than 6 points on driving licence.
 Good conduct and attendance record, in accordance with Royal Mail Group policy. (Conduct at Category 2 level or 2nd Stage Attendance Warning.) Where the exclusion of an internal candidate on the grounds of Conduct or attendance would otherwise trigger external recruitment, the case will be referred to the National parties for review.
 Tie Break. Where two or more individuals are considered suitable for a lesser number of vacancies we will revert to Local Resourcing Area (see below) and Length of Service in line with the Way forward Agreement.
 Where there is no suitable internal candidate we will move to external resourcing criteria in line with the PDA.

Local Resourcing Area:

1. Applicants from the local resourcing unit.
2. A reasonable travel distance; reasonable is normally considered to be within one hour.
3. Outside the resourcing area other national people from anywhere in RMG.
4. Requests for Transfer by individuals with Special Circumstances will be considered jointly and prioritised on a case by case basis.

Monthly Pay

Professional Drivers are monthly paid. Therefore, in accordance with the Professional Drivers Agreement all successful applicants will be moved to monthly pay. There is a process in place to help people with the transition from Weekly to Monthly pay and further information about this is available through your HR team.


Both parties recognise the need for on-going discussions to scope and create a sustainable driver career path to support the businesses resourcing needs. In addition we recognise there is a need to consider the diversity of our Professional Driving workforce and opportunities to add balance to the Professional Driver demographic profile. Therefore, we are jointly seeking to research and design a process that will enable us to sustain a Professional Driver workforce that is ready to meet our future resourcing needs.

 To support this initiative the Terms of Reference for this Joint Working Group are being drawn up.

 Royal Mail Logistics wishes to create a sustainable Professional Driving workforce and we will therefore run a separate campaign to identify individuals who are eligible and who wish to be trained to the required C+E Licence standard. This Campaign will be implemented once the direct recruitment campaign is underway and will be offered initially to those interested individuals who require the minimum amount of training to meet the full C+E standard. Further details of this approach will be shared when they become available.

Euan McMurdo Terry Pullinger
Director Assistant Secretary
Royal Mail Logistics CWU

Date: 4th September 2014

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