FINANCES: June 2014 – Rebate Breakdown

June 2014 Rebate Breakdown

Reference Details Credit Debit

Rebate – New 34 New Members £240.72

Rebate – Current 1,784 Members £6,604.25

Rebate – Retired 282 Members £362.95

Death Grant Returns 1 Member £732.00

Tutor Cost Return * Att. Proc. Training £200.60

CWU HQ Deduction Honoraria £1,444.68

CWU HQ Deduction Election Costs £1,023.46

CWU HQ Deduction Defence Fund £72.08

CWU HQ Deduction Regional Committee £72.08

CWU HQ Deduction Women’s Comm. £18.02

CWU HQ Deduction Learning Committee £18.02

Totals £8,140.52 £2,648.34

Net Rebate £5,492.18

* Tutor Cost Return – This is the sum paid back from CWU HQ to cover the cost to the Branch of travel and accommodation for a CWU Tutor to attend Peterborough Mail Centre to deliver a training course for Reps on the new Attendance Procedure.

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