Revised ‘Delivery To Neighbour’ Agreement

Branches will be aware of the debates and updates at this year’s annual conference about the services currently being offered by competitors of Royal Mail regarding first time delivery of parcels.

We have identified in recent discussions with Royal Mail an opportunity off the back of an existing agreement ratified by the Postal Executive in September 2012 to be able to offer a similar, if not better, service than that being offered by competition.

Whilst first time delivery rates of competitors are generally high and in some cases higher than those of Royal Mail their definition of delivery is not the same as Royal Mail’s and we have no intention of lowering the standards of delivery provided by our members to that of the competitors. This is an area where our members can give Royal Mail the edge on competition through the quality of the service being provided.

We have therefore revised the existing agreement and placed the emphasis on delivering first time wherever possible but retained the discretion of the delivery OPG. Branches and Representatives will note that the date of the agreement is 2nd May 2014. This is when the document was agreed with Royal Mail. The Postal Executive endorsed the agreement on the 7th May 2014 and we have recently agreed a release date for this including supporting documentation and WTLL sessions etc following further discussions with Royal Mail.

The revised agreement is straightforward to avoid confusion and should not present our members who will be expected to carry out this service with any problems other than where they believe their safety is at risk or the security of the item(s) is at risk. The existing agreement has been deployed with very few operational problems being raised with the department since its introduction.

There is no definitive National Deployment date for this revised service as some offices are already operating this system successfully but as stated above there are dates for communications including WTLL sessions now in place and these will begin being rolled out and briefed into all delivery units week commencing 23rd June 2014.

The revised service will also remain subject to review under the auspices of the Safety, Customer Service and Quality Strand of the Integrated Delivery Programme where we will be able to assess the operational impact the revised service has had on delivery times, enquiry offices, redeliveries and complaints etc. How we might use PDAs to help us increase first time delivery success going forward is also part of the ongoing discussions with Royal Mail regarding ‘Service View’.

The P739 has been amended to cater for the service and stickers have also been supplied. 

We believe that the introduction of the revised service is a necessity at a time of increasing competition and this along with other new initiatives will help to offer sound alternatives to the services being offered by competitors and we fully support its national deployment.

Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 530
Email address:

Yours sincerely

Bob Gibson
CWU Assistant Secretary – Outdoor

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