CWU Annual Conference 2013 Report:
Letter Section Report

All these Motions in their entirety are available on request from the Branch.

Motion 29 – Eastern Regional Committee – Timed Out (NEC Support)

Motion 45 – Eastern No 5 – Not Carried (after debate)
Move: Amanda Hill Second: Steve Clarke

Motion 60 – Eastern No 5 – Timed Out (NEC Support)

Motion 73 – Eastern Regional Committee – Timed Out (NEC Support)

Motion 93 – Eastern Regional Committee – Carried (after debate)
Move: Paul Moffat Second: Carl Harper

Motion 111 – Eastern Regional Committee – Not Carried (after debate)
Move: Eastern No 4 Second: Eastern Regional Committee

Key: Carried Motions = © Accepted Motions = @

36 © – POLICY – Yearly financial donation to the Durham Miners Gala
37 © – POLICY – Promote the importance of BAME
85 @ – EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES – NEC to work with the WAC regarding the menopause
86 @ – EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES – Information package to be created regarding Deaf Awareness
87 @ – EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES – Information package to be created regarding Visual Impairments
88 © – HEALTH & SAFETY – NEC to seek review and clarification regarding H&S compliance with the employer
89 @ – HEALTH & SAFETY – NEC to liaise with Officers regarding SR refresher training
90 © – HEALTH & SAFETY – Provision of sun cream for those exposed
91 © – HEALTH & Safety – RTA’s to be reported to HSE in line with RIDDOR
53 © – FINANCE – Ensure CWU recognising business pay a living wage
54 © – FINANCE – Endorse the decision of the NEC on Regional Secretary pay
56 @ – FINANCE – Announcement of spend in regard to UNI GLOBAL affiliation
57 @ – FINANCE – Review into pay for accrued leave
59 @ – FINANCE – Compensation for reps who recruit or represent outside of facilities time
120 © – RULES – A change in the submitting of motions
126 © – RULES – A change in the submitting of motions

11 © – POLICY – Campaign to suspend Work Capability Assessment process
12 © – POLICY – Work to be carried out with the LGBT organisations
13 © – POLICY – Campaign against cuts to Legal Aid
1 © – POLICY – Donations to food banks
2 © – POLICY – Lobby and protest against changes to online claim systems
4 © – POLICY – CWU to prepare and emergency plan to address government cuts to benefits and allowances
63 © – POLICY – Honorary membership – including Noel McClean
E2 © – PLOICY –
78 © – MEMBERSHIP/LEGAL SERVICES/COMMS – Legal claims advice and support review
80 @ – MEMBERSHIP/LEGAL SERVICES/COMMS – Angard members to qualify under PABS for AOD’s
25 © – POLICY – Scottish Independence
26 © – POLICY – Remain within the EU
33 @ – POLICY – Intended actions in regard to political ‘movement’ reported to Branches in regard to capitalism
93 © – POLITICAL – Branch Motion
94 © – POLITICAL – Lobby against means testing
102 © – POLITICAL – Policy for the repeal of anti-union laws
16 © – POLICY – Continue the Closing The Loopholes campaign
17 © – POLICY – Lobby against union busters and derecognising companies
19 © – POLICY – Notify members of changes to employment law
20 © POLICY – Continue to campaign against privatisation
21 © POLICY – Continue to support TUC regarding an 1 day general strike


All these Motions in their entirety are available on request from the Branch.

The Postal section of Conference predominantly addressed Emergency Motions E5 and E6, which were submitted by the Postal Executive and moved by Dave Ward and Bob Gibson.

Emergency Motion E5
This proposition outlined the terms of the consultative ballot proposed in LTB 240/13.

Emergency Motion E6
This proposition calls for an agreement with Royal Mail which deals with the terms outlined in Composite Amendment 1, which was unanimously Carried at Policy Forum.

There will be gate meetings to follow shortly regarding these motions. There will also be material distributed by the CWU to members and from Royal Mail in response, due to the severity of the issue.

Both Billy Hayes and Dave Ward stated the importance of these propositions and the important time we now face as a union. Billy Hayes said “These are the most important times for this union”. Dave Ward went on to say “If it is a fight that they (Royal Mail and the Government) then we need to show them that we are ready, willing and able”.

Branch Motions:
MOTION 26 – Accepted
MOTION 29 – Accepted
MOTION 42 – Not Carried after debate
Move: Simon Peach Second: Carl Harper

Motion 1 – instructed the Postal Executive to ensure future agreements protect a latest start time of 0700 in Delivery Offices.

Motion 3 – instructed the Postal Executive to maintain the six day delivery specification.

Motion 4 – This Motion makes Policy what I have asked of you already locally.

Motion 5 – instructed the Postal Executive to re-negotiate the parameters for attendance calls for GeoRoute and IWT.

Motion 9 – instructed the Postal Executive to address the issue of managers performing OPG work. The executive is to compile a report examining the scale of the problem, make relevant recommendations, raise this with the employer and seek agreement/policy and report this back to Branches.

Motion 19 – instructed the Postal Executive to review the opening times of Callers Offices and look to adjust them accordingly to meet customer needs.

Motion 31 – instructed the Postal Executive to review the World Class Mail National Agreement and its contents. A robust CWU structure, adhering and regarding this agreement, is to be set up immediately.

If you wish to know more about any of the Motions from General and/or Postal Conference, please do not hesitate to ask.
Respectfully yours,

Carl Harper
Letter Section Secretary


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