Please find attached a summary of the consultation results and proposed recommendations arising from the Recruitment & Organising Strategy Consultation which took place last year.

The NEC has endorsed a number of recommendations arising from the consultation as detailed in the attached summary specifically:

  • Lead Branches – identify a number of branches in each region to lead on recruitment and representation outside the union’s traditional base; to be identified by consensus in discussion with branches and regional secretaries
  • Establishment of Regional Working Groups – to share resources and best practices; provide training opportunities to fit the needs of the region; give newly unionising workers an active role in organising and recruitment work and allow UTAW members to become actively involved in the region
  • Establishment of National Organising Network – to bring together lead branches, newly organised workers and the UTAW branch to enable a whole union approach to recruitment and organising outside our traditional “core”

It is the intention of the NEC to bring forward appropriate rule changes to deliver the strategy outlined in the document for consideration at Annual Conference.

Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to the Head of Recruitment & Organising by email to

Yours sincerely


Head of Recruitment, Organising & Membership Growth

LTB 122/23 – Recruitment and Organising Strategy Consultation

Recruitment and Organising Strategy Consultation

View Online


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