Swansea Explosion – Royal Mail Van and Driver Caught in Blast

Swansea Explosion – Royal Mail Van and Driver Caught in Blast:

A number of enquiries have been received regarding the Swansea ‘gas’ blast incident that occurred at around 11:20 on Monday and reports that a Royal Mail van had been caught in the blast which destroyed a house, killing one of the residents and injuring neighbours with a number of people including a Postman taken to hospital.

The huge explosion happened in Clydach Road in the Morriston area of Swansea. One house was totally destroyed and nearby properties damaged, one substantially. The exact cause of the explosion has not yet been determined and a Police led investigation is underway.

CWU member and Royal Mail Postman Jonathan Roberts was driving his Peugeot Royal Mail delivery van along Field Close towards the junction of Clydach Road, when the huge explosion occurred as he was passing the scene.

The driver’s side door window was blown in by the force of the explosion showering him with flying glass and the van was showered with masonry and debris from the destroyed house.

Jonathan was able to get out of his van and make his way to safety from where he was treated by paramedics and then taken to hospital for further treatment for what were relatively minor injuries, consisting of cuts and embedded glass, sprain injury and minor blast burns.

I’m pleased to report that he was released from hospital on Monday evening, returning to hospital for further treatment on Tuesday morningand is now making a good recovery at home.

The South West Wales Amal Postal Branch are giving every assistance and support to the member.

Yours Sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

LTB 071/23 Swansea Explosion – Royal Mail Van and Driver Caught in Blast

Att: Royal Mail Van involved in Suspected Gas Explosion

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