Further to LTB 054/23 dated 8thMarch.  A further pay meeting was held with Jane Davies, Group Chief People Officer yesterday afternoon.  I was supported at the meeting by Mole Meade, Postal Executive member.  We are pleased to report a new proposal was made by Post Office, which we view broadly as a step in the right direction and we are now considering this proposal prior to our next meeting on Thursday.  The revised offer was made without prejudice and as such is a closed offer.

The following Joint Statement has been agreed and will be published this afternoon:

Joint Statement – Post Office and CWU Pay Negotiations

Following our last update on 8 March we met again yesterday and had a further constructive dialogue which included a proposal from Post Office for a way forward. This offer is now under consideration by the CWU and we plan to meet again on Thursday.

We fully understand you will want to see a positive outcome to these talks sooner rather than later and that is what we are trying to achieve.  However, matters surrounding the negotiations are complex especially as we are endeavouring to wrap up a multiple year deal to prevent delays in actioning any increase for 23/24.

Both parties are listening to each other and are attempting to find a mutual solution outcome in what can only be described as difficult circumstances.

In closing we appreciate everyone’s patience and wish to assure you that both parties are working hard to secure an agreement.

Jane Davies                                                    Andy Furey

Group Chief People Officer, Post Office              A/Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

We hope to make further progress when we meet again on Thursday.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
A/Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

23LTB066 Post Office – Pay Dispute – Joint Statement

View Online


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