Dave Ward, General Secretary and I met with Nick Read, CEO and Jane Davies, Group Chief People Officer last week and as a consequence both parties have now agreed to refresh our pay negotiations.  Clearly this is a positive development and we naturally hope that refreshed talks will lead to a settlement, which from our perspective should incorporate the 2023/24 pay review period.  The Joint Statement below has been published this afternoon:

Joint Statement – Post Office and CWU Pay Negotiations

 Following a productive meeting, we have agreed to refresh pay negotiations with the aim of arriving at a mutual solution for pay.

 Both parties feel that a new focus and momentum may be worthwhile and therefore we have committed to an initial meeting at the earliest opportunity.

We recognise that colleagues will be feeling the impact of the cost of living crisis which Post Office is not immune to.  However, we feel that some fresh thinking may present us with the opportunity to reach an agreement which both Post Office and CWU are keen to achieve.  In light of this news the ASOS within Supply Chain, DMB and Admin will be postponed pending talks.

Jane Davies
Group Chief People Officer
Post Office 

Andy Furey
A/Deputy General Secretary (Postal)   

Arising from the agreement for fresh talks, Branches will note, in the closing sentence of the Joint Statement is reference to postponing the Action Short of a Strike (ASOS).  We will be writing formally to Jane Davies to confirm this position.  Obviously if the fresh talks were to fail, it would be easy for the Postal Executive to re-ignite the ASOS if necessary.

Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
A/Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

LTB 037/23 Post Office: Pay Dispute – Joint Statement

View Online


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