Re: TUC Union Safety Reps Survey 2022/23

Re: TUC Union Safety Reps Survey 2022/23 – LTB 504/22

See attached LTB 504/22.

There is just one week left to complete the TUC Union Health and Safety Reps Survey for 2022/23.

If you haven’t completed it, please do so – it takes only a few minutes.


I would be grateful if you would complete it and help push it out and around to other Safety Reps again via any:

  • Email lists, WhatsApp groups or other lists and forums you have for contacting other safety reps.
  • Share the link on union social media channels.
  • Make use of the QR code (attached) which can be printed in union newsletters, websites magazines or any other relevant literature.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

LTB 022/23 – TUC Union Safety Reps Survey 2022-23 – LTB 504-22

LTB 504/22-TUC-Health-Safety-Reps-Survey-2022

Att: SurveyQRcode

View Online


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