Please find below the branch breakdown of CWU National Welfare Fund donations that were made in 2022.BRANCHREASON

AMOUNTBournemouth & Dorset AmalDomestic£1,000Bournemouth & Dorset AmalDomestic£1,000Bristol & DistrictIllness£1,000Bristol & DistrictIllness£500Croydon & Sutton AmalIllness£500East London PostalDomestic£750Edinburgh, Dundee & BordersIllness£1,000Edinburgh, Dundee & BordersDomestic£250Edinburgh, Dundee & BordersDomestic£300Grampian & ShetlandIllness£750Greater Mersey AmalDomestic£300Harrow & DistrictIllness£500Lincolnshire & South YorksBereavement£1,000Northern Ireland CombinedDomestic£1,000Northern Ireland CombinedDomestic£500Northern Ireland CombinedDomestic£1,000Northern Ireland TelecomDomestic£100Northern Ireland TelecomDomestic£500Northern Ireland TelecomDomestic£200Northern Ireland TelecomDomestic£150Northern Ireland TelecomDomestic£105Northern Ireland TelecomDomestic£300Northern Ireland TelecomDomestic£200Preston Brook & Bury RetailIllness£500Preston Brook & Bury RetailIllness£1,000Scotland No. 1Domestic£500Shropshire & Mid WalesDomestic£300Shropshire & Mid WalesDomestic£400South Central PostalIllness£1,000South Central PostalDomestic£600South Central PostalIllness£1,000South East AngliaDomestic£500South East London Postal & CountersIllness£245South WalesIllness£500South WalesDomestic£500South WalesDomestic£350South WalesDomestic£200South WalesDomestic£300Total    £20,800

Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary’s Department on telephone number 020 8971 7237 or email address

Yours sincerely,

Tony Kearns
Senior Deputy General Secretary


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