Update for Royal Mail Group Members – Win the ballot, win the dispute.

Update for Royal Mail Group Members – Win the ballot, win the dispute.

Late, yesterday, Royal Mail Group confirmed to the union in our talks that they were prepared to drop their proposals on RRIS payments, TPM allowance and Sunday Premium Payments for duty holders. This latest move by Royal Mail Group on allowances, coming on top of their no compulsory redundancy statement, signals the end of their so called “best and final offer” – make no mistake your tremendous support for your trade union has delivered this.

In the lead up to and throughout the period of our second ballot, we can expect to see more of this approach from the company.

You know this dispute is not just about single issues – there remains a raft of huge issues to resolve and at its core the dispute is about securing your job, pay, terms and conditions and the future of the company, alongside the services we provide to the public.

We will continue to meet Royal Mail Group in the coming days and weeks – but it’s clear the only way we will deliver an agreement is by emphatically winning the second ballot. It’s simple – we win the ballot – we win the dispute. The focus of the whole union and every member must now be to deliver another massive turnout and YES vote.

Dave Ward
General Secretary

Andy Furey
Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal)


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