Branches and Representatives will be aware the programme of strike action held throughout November, was once again overwhelmingly supported by CWU members across Royal Mail Group.  Twelve days of strike action relating to the two disputes have now taken place with further action and a national rally being held today, as well as further strikes in the lead up to Christmas.

As a consequence of the Tory Anti-Trade Union laws, there is now a legal requirement to conduct a re-ballot of our members after six months.  As previously advised, the six-month period ends on 19th January 2023 for pay and on 17th February 2023 for change.

As the focus of the disputes has now shifted to a combined set of negotiations, it is prudent to ensure a re-ballot reflects this via a single ballot to encompass both of the previous pay and change disputes.  In addition, given the aggressive attitude from Royal Mail Group including the very real possibility for Compulsory Redundancies coupled with the attack on the MTSF terms, the grounds for the ballot must include job security.

The Postal Executive unanimously agreed the following re-ballot timetable after consultation with the SDGS Department:

  • Serve notice –                                   Monday 16th January 2023
  • Ballot papers despatched –           Monday 23rd January 2023
  • Ballot closes –                                  Monday 13th February 2023

This timetable will be announced at the national rally in Parliament Square today.

Once a ‘Yes’ vote is returned the first day of strike action could potentially commence on Monday 27th February 2023.  Branches should also be aware this does not prevent strike action being taken on change up until 17th February.

The SDGS Department will be contacting Branches imminently to commence preparation for the re-ballot and Branches are requested to treat this matter as a priority.

It cannot be stated enough the current disputes do not end at Christmas and there is still pressure to be exerted in the New Year in the event that Royal Mail Group do not see sense and enter meaningful negotiations.

Branches and Representatives must therefore be sure membership engagement continues to reinforce the message that it is vital another massive ‘Yes’ vote is returned.  Discussions have commenced with the Communications Department concerning the re-ballot and the New Year will see the campaign gather momentum, including a National Briefing (date to be advised).

Any enquiries on the above should be addressed to the General Secretary/Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal) at

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward                                                    Andy Furey
General Secretary                                      Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal)  


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