The reaction to the announcement of the strike rally in London on Friday 9thDecember, at 1pm has been overwhelming. We are now close to 15,000 confirmed attendees – and that is without individual members who will be travelling on their own.

We reaffirm to all members that branches are providing transport from across the UK. This is an event that will go down in history – please do everything you can to make it.

We ask that members do not attend the rally in uniform. Given the current industrial relations climate we believe this is a sensible decision. The weather is set to be cold so wrap up warm and if possible, come in some CWU colours (pink) – we want the strongest possible images for the media coverage.

We ask all branches to bring branch banners and supply as much CWU merchandise as possible. There will be placards and limited hi-vis jackets available on the day.

We are finalising an excellent set of speakers for the rally – keep an eye on our social media channels in the coming days for announcements.

We also want to reiterate the importance of every picket line in the UK having a presence. This is crucial.

Finally, members are assembling from Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England in the biggest mobilisation of CWU members in history. Get to London on Friday. CWU and Proud.

Any enquiries on the above LTB should be addressed to the General Secretary’s Office at

Yours sincerely,

Dave Ward – General Secretary                                 

Andy Furey – Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal)                     

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