The strikes are on,why would we call off the strikes to put an offer to you which is totally unacceptable. 23/11/22


The strikes are on why would we call off the strikes to put an offer to you which is totally unacceptable.

The new Royal Mail fell short in so many areas :

  1. No back pay and it is still 7% on pay and 2% on a lump sum based on a successful revision.

2.,The CWU had to sign up to all the jobs losses and all the change program some of which we fundamentally disagree with. This includes no disagreement at local level. The offer of no compulsory redundancies is for 5 months.

  1. The pay offer is conditional on all the changes listed.
  2. Unlimited owner drivers now with a first phase up to 1000 but with no cap who would do Royal Mail larger format 3&4 parcels.
  3. Annualised hour trial will include scan in scan out linked to what your paid by payroll
  4. Later start time of last delivery 17:00 and closing 4 Royal a mail air hub depots.
  5. SSP still on first 3 days of any second or more absence.
  6. RRIS which over 30 thousand of members will be removed in three phases meaning these members will lose from £5 to £35 per week. So they will be receiving a pay cut.
  7. All larger parcels to the 346 depots will be delivered later with almost immediate effect.
  8. Alternative indoor preparation methods with trials which willl conclude by January 2022 which will mean potentially frameless offices and then a review of attendance patterns.
  9. The use of new technology to introduce individual performance standards and the words in the draft agreement state key data points that impact business performance will be made more visible and help individuals see how their daily work underpins both unit and unit and company performance. This will provide an opportunity for self initiated improvement whilst making it easier to tailor training and guidance for those falling short of standards set.
  10. Technology will be used in conduct cases.

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