RMG Disputes 2022 – Claims for Unlawful Deductions from Pay and Trade Union Detriments – Online Claim Form

RMG Disputes 2022 – Claims for Unlawful Deductions from Pay and Trade Union Detriments – Online Claim Form

Further to LTB 379/22 that was sent to Branches and Representatives on 22ndSeptember 2022 and LTB 383/22 that was circulated a day later, Branches will be aware that the DGS(P) Department and industrial Officers have received a number of reports across the country that Royal Mail managers are targeting CWU members in different ways because they have taken strike action and/or due to them being union members.  Examples include:

  1. Management unilaterally changing duty start times and/or scheduled attendances at short notice.
  2. Denying members overtime opportunities in preference for agency & other workers. This may also impact upon whether a member meets the regularity threshold for holiday pay.
  3. Changing innovative duty patterns without agreement.
  4. Suspending CWU Representatives or members for various allegations related to trade union activity.
  5. Deducting sick pay from members off sick on strike days.
  6. Deducting strike pay before strike action has taken place.

To assist members in challenging this treatment and to build on the information that was circulated in the aforementioned LTBs, the Union is now circulating an easily accessible online link, where members can input their details to begin the process of registering a claim.  This link also contains full details of the process members must follow, as per the flowchart attached to LTB 379/22 and the ‘Grounds of Complaint’ in LTB 383/22.  This form takes less than 5 minutes to fill in.

We would ask Branches to circulate this link to all CWU Representatives and members.

The responses will be gathered from these forms centrally and then circulated to Branches.  The Branch Secretary or Legal & Medical Secretary will then need to submit the details gathered to Acas for early conciliation as soon as possible.  All the details required for Acas will be provided on the form.  Postal Executive members Rob Wotherspoon, Saf Khan and Luke Elgar will be acting as the liaison points between the DGS(P) Department and Branches and providing assistance where required.

The legal avenue will hopefully provide members with more confidence that all of these unacceptable behaviours from the employer can be challenged individually as well as through our collective procedures.  In advance, I would like to thank all Branches and Representatives for their support in assisting these members to lodge claims.

Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Furey
Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

LTB 448-22 RMG Disputes 2022 – Claims for Unlawful Deductions from Pay and Trade Union Detriments Online Claim Form (003)

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