UK National Work Stress Network Conference, 11 to 13th November 2022, Nottingham:

UK National Work Stress Network Conference, 11 to 13th November 2022, Nottingham:

The UK National Work-Stress Network is holding its very popular Annual Conference on Friday 11 November 2022 – Sunday 13 November 2022 at the Double Tree Hilton, Nuthall Road, Nottingham NG8 6AZ. The conference will focus on the tools and strategies needed by trade unionists to support their members, protect themselves and get employers engaged in tackling work stress in order to our make workplaces a safer place for all.

The UK National Work-Stress Network knows that as workers, union reps and stewards you have been ‘under pressure’ in unprecedented times, so this conference seeks to explore your issues and provide information and advice that you may find useful to take back with you. The final full list of speakers and workshops will be confirmed shortly. Those who have attended the UK National Work-Stress Network Annual Conference previously will be aware of the organiser’s record for providing an interesting event with excellent speakers with a stimulating range of topical workshops.

Conference Registration:

Delegate Cost is £350 Residential Conference Rate and £250 non Residential Rate.

The UK National Work-Stress Network 

The UK National Work-Stress Network is committed to the eradication of the causes of work-related stress and associated illnesses. It campaigns to advance this aim through its involvement with the Hazards Campaign; and in conjunction with the TUC, European organisations, within UK Trades Union structures.

The Network calls for:

Employers, company directors and managers at all levels to acknowledge their duty of care and for their acceptance of their health and safety responsibilities to the workforce;

legislation and enforcement procedures to outlaw all forms of workplace stress, bullying and victimisation; also to ensure full corporate liability for workplace injury; and the creation of a caring, supportive workplace culture with ‘Dignity at Work’ for all and for worker sensitive procedures for all.

The Network consists of many hundreds of like-minded people, some of whom have suffered the consequences of work-related stress. Amongst their numbers are experienced caseworkers, counsellors, occupational health workers, trades union lay and paid officers and those who are just determined to see effective management which recognises the needs of the workforce as well as of business.

The UK National Work Stress Network Handbook and Guide – Sponsored by CWU

This handbook was produced by the UK National Work Stress Network and consists of unpaid volunteers bringing together workplace trade union and health and safety representatives, academics, safety professionals and others to campaign for the better protection of workers against stress-related mental and physical illnesses caused by poorly controlled workplace psycho-social hazards.

The handbook examines:The problem

  • The extent of work-related stress illness
  • The cost of work-related stress illnesses to the individual, society and the economy
  • The causes of work-related stress
  • The effects of stress on the mental and physical health of workers
  • Obstacles to progress
  • The law

The solution

  • Preventing work stress (the role of government, employers, trade unions and individuals)
  • Conducting a risk assessment
  • Dealing with individual stress


  • WorkStress (UK National Work Stress Network)
  • Fit notes
  • Sample workplace audit forms
  • The European dimension
  • Useful sources of information
  • References

Download an Electronic Copy of the Handbook here:

(Hard Copies available in limited numbers from the Health, Safety & Environment Department at CWU/HQ).

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB439 UK National Work Stress Network Conference 11 to 13th November 2022 Nottingham

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