Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions 2022 – Pay and Associated issues Dispute –Ballot Result

Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions 2022 – Pay and Associated issues Dispute –Ballot Result

Further to LTB 344/22, at the close of the ballot on the 27TH September 2022 the following result has been declared:

VOTES IN FAVOUR:           865    93.51%                 

VOTES AGAINST:                60       6.49%           

TURNOUT: %                               66.79%

Please see the letter from the certification officer, which is an attachment to this LTB for further details.

Please ensure this LTB gets the widest possible circulation.

We want to thank branches and reps who helped get the result and especially thank all members who took part in the ballot to give us this fantastic result.

Next Steps

We will be sharing the ballot result with the RMPFSL senior management team.  RMPFSL cannot ignore this ballot result, which absolutely rejects their proposal. We are now calling on RMPFSL to take our pay claim seriously, clear their diaries and meet with us to secure an agreement before the need for strike action.

We will be engaging with our branches, reps and members to discuss next steps in the dispute.

Any enquiries regarding the content of this LTB should be addressed to the PTCS Department, quoting reference number 320 email: or to the Outdoor Department quoting reference 120.12: email address:  

Yours sincerely                                                           Yours sincerely

Carl Maden                                                                Mark Baulch                                

Assistant Secretary                                                     Assistant Secretary


RMPFS Ballot Result

View Online


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