Post Office: Non-Participation Encouraged for 2022 Engagement Survey

Post Office: Non-Participation Encouraged for 2022 Engagement Survey

Branches are advised Post Office has just launched its Engagement Survey, the first one for a couple of years due to the pandemic.

These employee surveys are run unilaterally by Post Office and as such are un-agreed with the Union, we have though in the past encouraged members to participate to have their say in what is important to them by letting Post Office know where they believe improvements can be made.  Past experiences have though shown that whilst pay, terms and conditions rate very highly in terms of importance to members Post Office chooses to ignore the relevant results.

Unsurprisingly Post Office has on this occasion deliberately removed the entire subject of Pay & Reward in totality from this year’s Engagement Survey.  The only conclusion drawn from this blatant censorship is that Nick Read CEO is in denial and doesn’t want to hear directly that our members are incensed by the pay freeze imposed for 2021/22 along with the inadequate offer currently on the table for 2022/23.  The removal of the pertinent question from the last survey which was “I am paid fairly for the contributions I make to Post Office” speaks for itself. 

Therefore, following consultation with our Reps, we are encouraging members to refrain from participating in this year’s survey and to make it clear to their managers the reason for doing so is Post Office simply isn’t interested in hearing that our members want to be paid a fair and reasonable salary for their hard work and endeavours as Key Workers.

Branches and Reps are urged to bring this LTB to the attention of our members and to widely publicise the omission of Pay & Reward questions in the Engagement Survey in every Post Office workplace including all Crown Offices, Supply Chain and Admin Units.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary

22LTB378 Post Office – Non-Participation Encouraged for 2022 Engagement Survey

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