Picket Lines

Picket Lines

Following the successful industrial action we took on Friday 26thAugust, we are preparing for our next strike action previously noticed as taking place between the period at or after 04:00 on Wednesday 31st August 2022 and before 04:00 on Thursday 1stSeptember 2022.

We have received correspondence from Royal Mail that contains allegations of an extremely small number of instances that, in their opinion, breach the guidelines on picketing. We are responding to Royal Mail on these points and the Branches concerned will be contacted by the Postal Department for a response.

The purpose of this LTB is to remind all Branches of the information we have previously provided on this subject (the picketing guidelines that were circulated on 1st August 2022).

We emphasise that we are allowed to undertake picketing activity and it is essential that we remain disciplined and constantly refer to all the guidance material that the union has sent out, including the guidance on picketing, the use of picket and supervisors’ armbands and any demonstrations. Pickets should continue to ensure that they engage in peaceful communication and persuasion.

To be clear there can only be six people on the picket line at any one time and they should not stand on the business’s premises. Other members can attend at any peaceful demonstration as long as they are not on the picket line and otherwise do not trespass or cause a nuisance.

Can all Branches please put in place measures to ensure we follow these guidelines strictly and bring the picketing guidelines to the attention of all picket line supervisors.

Yours sincerely,Terry PullingerDeputy General Secretary Postal

LTB 350/22 – Picket Lines

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  1. The Unite Retired Members Branch fully supports the action that you are taking to defend your terms and conditions against those in power who wish to make workers pay for their poor decisions and mistakes in running the economy.

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