If you have received your ballot please use your vote

You should by now have your voting paper in the national ballot over Royal Mail Group’s outrageous slash and burn change proposals.

Let’s spell it out.

  • later starts (across all functions)
  • Annualised hours
  • Total flexibility
  • Mandatory Sunday working
  • Worsening attendance procedure
  • Cuts to sick pay
  • Cuts to ill health retirement terms
  • Short notice for shift changes

We cannot accept these terms. But to fight for you we need you to vote in the ballot immediately and ask every single colleague to do the same.

On 17th August when the result is announced we must return the biggest yes vote and turnout possible.

There is no fence to sit on. If you don’t vote then Royal Mail Group will take that as support for the plan above.

Your union needs you more than ever. You need your union more than ever.

Your loyalty has been outstanding but we need you to get that ballot paper, vote yes and post it back today.

Then we need you to speak to every single colleague and convince them to do the same.

Vote Yes.


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