RE: Severe Heat – Met Office Red Weather Warning 18-19 July 2022 – Royal Mail Group Message To All Managers/PiCs from Ricky McAulay RM Operations Development Director and Phil Graham RMG InterimSafety Director

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17 July 2022


To All ASRs – Special Attention

Dear Colleagues,

RE: Severe Heat – Met Office Red Weather Warning 18-19 July 2022 – Royal Mail Group Message To All
Managers/PiCs from Ricky McAulay RM Operations Development Director and Phil Graham RMG Interim
Safety Director:

I would firstly refer you all to the contents of LTBs 308/22, 306/22, 305/22 226/22 and 213/22.

Consultation discussions have been taking place with Royal Mail Group on Friday, Saturday and Sunday regarding the
current heat wave red warning from the UK Met Office and the implications for the Royal Mail Group workforce as a
whole indoor and outdoor but for the outdoor workforce in particular who will be most affected.

A communication has now been issued by Royal Mail Group Directors on the imminent Met Office “Red Weather
Warning” and implementation of the ‘Severe Weather Risk Assessment’ (SWRA) process. A copy of the communication
is attached for your urgent and priority attention.

This communication sets out the businesses’ approach to dealing with the Red Warning heat wave situation and gives
a clear national steer to managers /PiCs with full the CWU ASR/WSR involvement locally.

When temperatures reach the Met Office ‘Red level Warning’ temperature limit of 35C or 95F, all outdoor work will
stop at that point and everyone must be back at the Office.

When ‘Amber level Warnings’ are in place, the SWRA local risk assessment is to be made and decisions on delivery
adjustments decided upon locally.

As an example, a lot of Delivery Offices will be going out 2 hours earlier and finishing at mid-day. Other example
possible adjustments are; reducing weight, reducing delivery spans and cutting off, reducing/limiting walking
distances, using vans with mico-loops, shortening delivery walks/rounds etc, etc – to be decided on locally in
consultation with CWU Reps.

Some areas are effected more than others and the Manager/PiC needs to check the Met Office Website which
indicates the geographic area where the Red Warning is in place. The Website also gives hourly temperature
situations and up to date information on any changing warnings levels, temperature and affected areas. An
hour by hour forecast is given as temperatures get worse as the day goes on, in later afternoon.

Personal Judgement and if Unwell due to the Heat Return To The Office

The communication instructs Managers to make sure they work with their staff and CWU Safety Reps in periods
of high temperatures and to allow staff to make personal judgements throughout the day and return to the
office if at any time they feel unwell due to the heat and intense sunlight.
“Severe Weather Risk Assessment” (SWRA)
The SWRA is to be completed daily with ASR/WSR involvement. Managers must carry out a Severe Risk
Assessment (SWRA) in consultation with the CWU ASR to assess the controls required for the conditions the
workforce are experiencing and ‎where the heat, temperature and the periods of sun exposure have increased
significantly as at present, take appropriate action to mitigate any risks.

Vulnerable Workers and Pregnant Workers

Vulnerable workers with underlying health issues and pregnant workers are to be individually risk assessed to
ensure their health and wellbeing is protected.
“Stay Safe in the Sun”
For outdoor delivery and collection CWU members it is vitally important to remember that working outdoors in
hot sunny weather poses health risks such as sunlight/UV ray exposure, dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat
stroke. Managers have been reminded to convey the key “Stay Safe in the Sun” messages and guidance to the
CWU ASR/WSR involvement and consultation
Full CWU ASR/WSR involvement and consultation is part of the SWRA process. The Manager must consult the
CWU ASR/WSR on the assessment and controls as set out in the assessment process and take account of the
ASR/WSR input. The red weather warning communication re-emphasises the CWU ASR/WSR involvement.
Ø Ensure all Units carry out daily Severe Weather Risk Assessments during the heatwave in
consultation with the ASR/WSR and that appropriate fit for purpose risk control actions are
Ø Any non-compliance by Unit managers should be progressed by the ASR via the nationally
agreed Health and Safety Disputes/Escalations process as set out in RMG SHE Standard 5.1.
Ø Convey the ‘Sun Safety’ messages to members repeatedly – Cover Up/Keep the dangerous
sun off your skin. Use Sunscreen/sunblock on any exposed skin and avoid sunburn which can
lead to skin cancer. Take extra breaks in the shade. Drink plenty of water throughout the day
to stay hydrated. Sunburn and Dehydration are dangerous.


Ø Message from Ricky McAulay and Phil Graham – red weather warning 16.07.22
Ø RMG SHE Huddle FY22 022 ‘Sun Safety

Note: Parcelforce and RMP&FS versions of the communication are also being issued to reinforce the message
and they will be circulated in due course.

Regards and Best Wishes.

Yours sincerely


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