Firstly, may I thank all of our Crown members who supported the strike on Monday 11th July in such overwhelming numbers. Also my appreciation goes to our Reps and Branches for supporting our members along with their efforts in raising the profile of the dispute across local media and of course amongst the wider movement.

Once again I’m pleased to report we gained good media coverage with our reasons for the dispute featuring in all press articles with plenty of powerful quotes from the union. Unsurprisingly as has been the case previously Post Office made no attempt whatsoever to justify or defend their pay freeze policy. Indeed this was also the case in respect of internal communications in the lead-up to the strike.

Admin & Supply Chain Strike – Thursday 14th July

Tomorrow our Admin & Supply Chain members will be on strike (third occasion). From all reports received we are anticipating another excellent response from members who understandably are angry with the dismissive attitude of Post Office. To put this into perspective, Post Office are quick to self-publicise how much money is transacted across the Post Office network each month. Only this week they have highlighted cash deposits and withdrawals for June remained steady at over £3 billion and this was the fourth successive month where over £3 billion had been transacted.

Clearly Post Office is making a lot of money on the back of “cash”. Indeed the statistics above are important as our Crew members primarily deliver and collect these monies from Post Offices supported by our Cash Centre members who process significant volumes of cash. It follows that our members should be sharing in this success and their efforts should be recognised in a tangible way with a fair pay rise.

The bottom line is Supply Chain members provide vital support services for the 11,500 network of Post Offices with the transacting of cash integral to the long term viability. Without our members performing such an important support role, this, success wouldn’t happen. In essence Post Office can evidently afford to provide a decent pay rise but they are simply choosing not to do so. This situation is not lost on our members and that is why tomorrow’s strike is necessary.

Finally Branches and Reps are encouraged to support our Supply Chain picket lines.

Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

22LTB307 Post Office Pay Dispute 2021-22 Strike Action

View Online


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