RMG Driver/Road Safety – ‘Vulnerable Road Users’ Campaign (RMG SHE Huddle/Briefing FY22 041)

RMG Driver/Road Safety – ‘Vulnerable Road Users’ Campaign (RMG SHE Huddle/Briefing FY22 041):

The Royal Mail Group SHE Team are launching a ‘Vulnerable Road Users’ driver and road safety communications campaign and staff briefing during the week commencing 11 July with the issue of RMG SHE Huddle/Briefing FY22 041 (copy attached). Campaign slides/screen shots will also go out on the RMG plasma screens and on the RMG intranet.

Overview Message

Summer Driving – drive carefully around vulnerable road users.

What is a Vulnerable Road User?

Essentially, a vulnerable road user means anyone who isn’t protected inside a car, van, bus, lorry etc.

Cyclists, motorcyclists, horse riders and pedestrians are vulnerable road users. E-Scooters are rapidly growing in number and present both a familiar sight and present a new, growing hazard on UK roads, many of them illegal and not adequately policed. Currently, it is effectively illegal to use e-scooters on public roads, on pavements, in cycle lanes and in pedestrian-only areas. However, the use of electric scooters on public roads is set to be made legal under a new Transport Bill due to go through the Houses of Parliament and become law.

Important Highway Code Changes and Tougher Rules 

Significant Highway Code changes came into force on 28 January 2022 reinforcing the need to protect vulnerable road users. There is now a ‘hierarchy of responsibility’ for anybody using the roads, including motorists, cyclists, horse riders and walkers. This is a big change, especially when it comes to anybody driving a vehicle, as they will now have a greater overall responsibility for road safety than anyone walking, cycling or riding a horse because those driving a vehicle are capable of causing more damage. In effect, greater priority must be given to pedestrians at junctions and when crossing roads (instead of only giving way on a zebra crossing as in the past) and greater priority must be given to cyclists and horse riders.

Those drivers not following the Highway Code changes can face prosecution, heavy fines and prison. Sadly, many, many drivers are completely unaware of the Highway Code changes and their effect. A CWU Warning Poster was issued in January and sent out to the regions and branches (copy attached).

How to Keep People Safe

The SHE Huddle/Briefing FY22 041 gives advice to help avoid incidents and keep people safe (copy attached) and the following points are covered:

  • Anticipate seeing vulnerable road users on and around the roads and take particular care.
  • Be patient and don’t pass vulnerable road users until you can do so safely.
  • Give space when passing and provide as much space as possible, minimum of 2m for horses and pedestrians, 1.5m for cyclists at 30mph and more above this speed.
  • Pass slowly.
  • Use the ‘Dutch-Reach’ method when getting out of the vehicle.
  • Electric Vehicles – ensure that the Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) is always activated.

(Further details are in the attached SHE Huddle/Briefing FY22 041).


  • Keep a look out for vulnerable road users, be patient, pass wide and slowly, and use the ‘Dutch-Reach’ method.
  • Always drive in accordance with the Highway Code and Royal Mail Driving SSOW.

The Aims and Benefits of the Campaign are:

  • To increase awareness amongst drivers and managers and improve driving standards and highway code compliance.


This campaign is supported by the CWU HQ Health, Safety & Environment Department. CWU ASR/WSR full support and participation is much appreciated by Royal Mail, Parcelforce Worldwide, RMSS, RMP&FS and CWU HQ.

ASRs/WSRs should ensure that the Briefing is delivered to drivers and ensure drivers are aware of the new Highway Code rules.


  • SHE Huddle FY22 041 – Vulnerable Road Users
  • TV Screenshots Materials
  • CWU – New Highway Code Rules Warning Poster

Thanks for your support and assistance.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB303 RMG Driver Road Safety – ‘Vulnerable Road Users’ Campaign (RMG SHE Huddle Briefing FY22 041)

SHE Huddle FY22 041 Vulnerable Road Users

TV screen template Wk13 Summer VRUs

TV screen template Wkx Highway Code


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