RM/CWU National Dog Awareness Week, 4 – 10 July 2022 – Ordering Campaign Resources – ‘Door to Door’ Postcards, ‘Dog Behind The Letterbox’ Warning Cards and ‘Posting Pegs’

RM/CWU National Dog Awareness Week, 4 – 10 July 2022 – Ordering Campaign Resources – ‘Door to Door’ Postcards, ‘Dog Behind The Letterbox’ Warning Cards and ‘Posting Pegs’:

Further to LTB 292/22 issued on 30 June, find attached ordering process for:-

  • Royal Mail/Parcelforce/CWU – ‘Dog Awareness Postcards’ – for customer ‘door to door’ drop, awareness raising campaigns.
  • Royal Mail ‘Dog Behind The Letterbox’ Cards – for delivery prep sorting frame, dog hazard address slots and delivery bundles.
  • Posting Pegs – to avoid fingers through the letterbox dog bite risks.

Images of all three items are attached. Details as follows:

  • ‘Do You Have A Dog’ – ‘Door to Door’ Post Cards

Dalmatian image postcard which is designed to be posted to all households in an area as part of Dog Awareness Week to ask customers to ensure their dogs are kept secure and under control when the postman/woman calls. CWU ASRs and Reps should organise this locally with COMs, OPLs and RODs. The budget for printing these cards lies with the Regional Operations Manager. They are not a standard stores item.

  • ‘Dog Behind The Letter Box’ Warning Cards 

This is the red coloured Alsatian image Warning Card/Leaflet which is used to identify to the postman/woman where a known dog resides. The card/leaflet is placed in the frame when prepping and can then be put with bundles as a reminder when going out on the round. Also useful to use in raising awareness of the dog bite through the letterbox hazard and reminding postmen and women – DON’T PUT YOUR FINGERS THROUGH THE LETTERBOX. Remembering that 450 postmen and women are bitten through the letterbox every year. 1000 postmen and women have had a finger or part of a finger bitten off through the letterbox in the last 5 years.

  • ‘Posting Pegs’

Plastic red coloured peg for posting flat letter and postcard mail through letter boxes in order to help avoid dog bites through the letter box. The posting peg isn’t suitable for every type of mail item members deliver but works well for the items that can be delivered using this safety tool. If members can’t safely deliver mail to addresses with dogs, through the letterbox using a posting peg then they should report the matter to their manager BUT DON’T PUT YOUR FINGERS THROUGH THE LETTERBOX – is the message to members.

See attached ordering process. Would all ASRs ensure stocks of the above are ordered and local campaigns organised, concentrating attention particularly on high risk dog attack areas.

(*IMPORTANT: Dog Attacks are a criminal offence in public places and on private property. The CWU fought for and won the battle to make this the law in the UK through our ‘Bite-Back’ campaign. Please give full support to Dog Awareness Week. Please ensure that all dog attacks are reported to the manager, to the Police (obtaining a crime number) and to the Royal Mail Security Helpdesk – This is the only way to stop future dog attacks happening).

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB295 RM CWU National Dog Awareness Week 4 – 10 July 2022 – Ordering Campaign Resources

Process For Ordering Dog Posting Cards and Pegs 2022


DBLBOX-10k English (3)

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