Royal Mail Fleet Vehicle Replacement Plan – Charging Post Installation Update

Royal Mail Fleet Vehicle Replacement Plan – Charging Post Installation Update

Branches will be aware of LTB 407/21 Royal Mail Fleet Vehicle Replacement Plan Update advising the roll out of Electric Vehicles across the UK.  The purpose of the trial in 2019 was to understand what impact a mass migration of EVs will have on the grid infrastructure and its capacity, including software management, utilising a smart charging interface and management tool.  Royal Mail Fleet have now replaced around 2,800 vehicles on a key-for-key basis with EVs across the UK which includes approximately 600 deployed, late last year. There are a further 2,000 planned for this year taking the total up to approximately 5,000 for this financial year.  The EV fleet is primarily Peugeot Experts and Partners, Mercedes and Nissan with the key data that Royal Mail requires to be provided daily, from the EV being the battery state of charge and fluctuations in the current draw, along with distance travelled from the route to build the smart charging depot optimisation tool.

Branches will also recall that the roll out of EVs across the UK is treated as BAU with the only exception being for local consultation around the installation of charging posts.  BP are the main post provider with 48 new sites having ‘gone live’ earlier this year. We have been advised that the site at Stockton has been reconsidered (as the ground in the yard has apparently sunken), whilst there are now legal challenges in Rutherglen and Wey Valley. A scoping exercise is in progress for Northern Ireland which includes a feasibility study for all sites within the region.

Please see attached an updated spreadsheet from Royal Mail Fleet which also includes a local RM contact for both ADR’s and ASR’s and which is aimed at ensuring full consultation of the installation takes place.

The Outdoor Department will of course ensure that any further information received from RM Fleet is shared with branches as and when more sites are added to the plan.

Any enquiries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department reference 300, email address:

Yours sincerely,

Mark Baulch
CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 280-22 – Charging Post Installation Update

Copy of Copy of 21-22 ev Site plan – 23.02.22

View Online


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