Royal Mail Group Estate – Recommissioning of Water Fountains

Royal Mail Group Estate – Recommissioning of Water Fountains:

Following discussions with Royal Mail Group regarding the above, Nick Burns Royal Mail Group National Safety, Planning, Standards and Reporting Manager has informed the CWU HQ Health, Safety & Environment department that the use of water fountains, which were suspended as a precaution during the Coronavirus pandemic can now be brought back into use, in line with industry guidance. A communication to all Units has been issued to that effect.

The communication to all Unit Managers/PiCs confirms that water fountains that have either been decommissioned or temporarily withdrawn and have not been used for some time, must be correctly recommissioned to ensure legionella control, water quality and cleanliness of the asset.  To do this, RMG sites must contact the RMG National Service Centre on 0333 005 0312and request recommissioning of the water fountain. Arrangements will then be made to undertake the work required.  The water fountains must not be used until this work has been completed and the fountain cleared for use.

In the communication, all employees have been asked to remember to follow good hygiene practice and refrain from placing their mouth directly in contact with the nozzle of the fountain.  Let the water run for a few seconds before taking a sip and users should wash their hands before and after touching the fountain.

It’s important for individuals’ health to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially all outdoor workers at this time of the year during the hot summer days. A good way to do this is by filling up a water bottle – Royal Mail provide official re-fillable water bottles to outdoor staff (see LTB226/22). These can be filled from a drinking water tap or water fountain/dispenser.

See attached image of the Royal Mail provided new supply branded/refillable 750ml water bottles for outdoor workers and images of typical Royal Mail Group estate water fountains. 

 “Remember Stay Hydrated – Stay Healthy”

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB275 Royal Mail Group Estate – Recommissioning of Water Fountains

NHS Stay Hydrated Stay Healthy Poster



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