Further to LTB238/22 dated 25th May.

Branches are advised that the meeting at Acas in relation to the pay dispute took place last Wednesday 1st June.  I was accompanied by Saf Khan, Postal Executive and Lorna Pearson, Policy Advisor.  As expected, a resolution was not forthcoming during this initial meeting; however the parties discussed in a constructive manner several key areas where it is hoped progress can be made.  To this end, a further meeting has been arranged for Wednesday 28th June.  This is later than ideal but is unavoidable due to previously arranged commitments including annual leave for both Acas and Capita.

The following Joint Statement has been agreed:

 As previously advised, both parties agreed to involve Acas to assist us in finding a solution to the pay negotiations. To this end, we met at the Acas offices last Wednesday 31st May. This meeting was facilitated and conducted by a Senior Acas Conciliator whose skills enabled us to have an open exchange of views and to explore options. As a result, a number of issues were discussed and both parties have agreed to go away and seriously consider these matters further.

We have agreed to meet at Acas again after both parties have had the opportunity to give all the discussions further consideration. This will take place towards the end of this month, which unfortunately is the earliest available date due to various people’s commitments.

We understand you will be wishing to see a positive outcome to these talks. However, as these matters are complex, it does take time to make progress. We therefore request that you remain patient and we thank you for this.

We’ll be in touch again after our next meeting to update everyone.

Kind regards

Paul Johnston                                                          Andy Furey

Capita TVL Managing Director                              CWU Assistant Secretary

Members’ Pay Survey

We shared with Capita and Acas an interim report prepared by our Research Department with regards to the survey which we conducted just prior to the Acas talks.  Essentially, we canvassed our members for their opinions on pay and wider pay-related matters such as pensions.  It is fair to say the interim results were very powerful and fully supported our policies.

It should be noted, the closing date for the survey has now been extended due to technical issues at Capita’s end.  As previously reported, we used Capita email addresses to contact our members and unfortunately the company’s firewall has blocked access for some members which frustratingly has prohibited responses to the survey.  Capita has undertaken to rectify this problem; hence the decision to extend the closing date to allow for full participation.

Our Senior Capita Reps have been urged to encourage those members who were previously having access issues to now participate in the survey.  A full report on the responses to the survey will be published in due course and will be used to further support our claim in the Acas talks.

Finally, we have arranged an on-line meeting with our Capita Reps for Monday 13th June where I will elaborate on the Acas discussions and potential next steps.

Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

Attachment 1: 22LTB250 Capita TVL – Pay 2022 – Joint Statement & Members’ Survey

View Online


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