TUC New Deal/Cost of Living Demo – Support Building Across the Movement

TUC New Deal/Cost of Living Demo – Support Building Across the Movement

The purpose of this LTB is to share some further information on the June 18th rally in London and to also inform branches of work that is taking place across the movement to deliver a major turnout.

We are now seeing the vast majority of unions putting significant resources into their mobilisation plans with home mailings, videos, social media content and workplace activities.

The demonstration now looks set to be one of the biggest in recent times.  We are delighted to see this work taking place across our movement, particularly given the New Deal campaign has been led by the CWU.

Against this background, it’s crucial that our union delivers a massive turnout on the day.  The central point of the rally, alongside calling for an overall new deal for workers, is to demand a pay rise for workers across the UK and this totally supports the major industrial campaigns the CWU is currently undertaking.

We fully appreciate that a large percentage of our members work on a Saturday and we are also aware of some travel difficulties on the 18th in certain parts of the UK.  Allowing for this, we still ask that every single CWU branch makes the 18th June a priority commitment and recognises that this TUC demo compliments all of our key industrial campaigns.

It is also important the day feels different so we reiterate the request to include friends and families in your delegations.

We have received several enquiries from branches about merchandise.  CWU HQ will provide a pack of promotional goods to every attendee, which will include a CWU hi-vis.

We would also love to see every branch bring their banner to the march and wear CWU colours.  This will help us to create as colourful and vibrant a block as possible.

CWU HQ will produce banners promoting support for the Royal Mail Group, BT Group and POL disputes.

To create a fun atmosphere, we will provide lots of music via a CWU playlist and we are encouraging branches to submit the songs you want to hear and we will get them played on the day.

Let us know any particular songs you want played via this link https://www.cwu.org/the-peoples-playlist

Finally, in the coming days we will be sharing a number of videos to build support for the rally.  Please share them on your social media channels.

Thank you for all of your support and work on this and our other campaigns.

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward
General Secretary

22LTB237 TUC New Deal-Cost of Living Demo – Support Building Across the Movement

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