Dog Law for Professionals Seminars 2022 – Focusing on Hot Topics for 2022:

Dog Law for Professionals Seminars 2022 – Focusing on Hot Topics for 2022:

Specialist dog law solicitor Trevor Cooper has contacted the CWU/HQ Health, Safety & Environment Department to announce the details for his autumn seminar tour which has now been finalised and so ‘DogLaw’, Trevor’s company, are open for bookings.

Each Seminar will last half a day (10am to 1pm) and the theme of this tour and programme of events is “Dog Law for Professionals: Hot Topics for 2022”.

These highly recommended UK dog law seminars are hosted by UK top dog law lawyer Trevor Cooper (Solicitor), the well-known principal lawyer of Cooper & Co. (Solicitors).

The 2022 dates and locations for the new roadshow of dog law seminar events, covering 15 venues, spread around the whole of England are as follows:

  • London – 13 September
  • Southampton – 14 September
  • Maidstone – 15 September
  • Bristol – 20 September
  • Taunton – 21 September
  • Newquay – 22 September
  • Grimsby – 27 September
  • Chesterfield – 28 September
  • Frodsham near Runcorn – 29 September
  • Colchester – 11 October
  • Newcastle – 12 October
  • Harrogate – 13 October
  • Oxford – 1 November
  • Peterborough – 2 November
  • Sutton Coldfield – 3 November

The Seminars will be presented by Trevor Cooper and colleague Richard Shawcross.

The seminars cover a range of dog law subject matter including; Dogs ‘Dangerously Out Of Control’ Under Section 3 Of The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, The Law on Strays, Expert Witnesses, Enforceability of Contractual Conditions, Update On Progress With The Action Plan For Animal Welfare.

The seminars cost £150 per person to attend, (includes a Certificate of Attendance) which continues to represent good value for money.

No prior legal knowledge is necessary.

To book a place by debit/credit card, this can either be done online at the DogLaw Website at this link: or by telephone on 0800 999 3647during normal office hours or by cheque/post using the attached flyer/application form.

These seminars are organised by Doglaw Ltd and are aimed at entertaining the audience as well as to educate and inform. The feedback received from these talks is consistently positive.

Trevor Cooper’s seminars are recommended by the CWU Health, Safety & Environment Department.

The attached ‘DogLaw’ flyer contains full details of the seminar programme as well as the terms and conditions.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB221 Dog Law for Professionals Seminars 2022 – Focusing on Hot Topics for 2022


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