Royal Mail & CWU National Joint Communication Parcel Collect Enhancements – May 2022

Royal Mail & CWU National Joint Communication Parcel Collect Enhancements – May 2022

As Branches will be aware, Royal Mail faces increasing competition both in the letters and parcels market which is dependent on the future success of Royal Mail to offer customers products that meet current and future needs, excellent customer quality of service, and value for money. Royal Mail and CWU are jointly committed to securing this objective by working together to understand and achieve industry leading performance in all aspects of delivery and collection, along with providing job security and improved terms and conditions for employees.

Having launched the Parcel Collect service in October 2020, Royal Mail is seeking to grow the product through improvements to the experience for both the customer and Delivery OPG’s. These improvements focus on making the service a more appealing way for our customers to post their parcels and to be made as easy as possible for our frontline Delivery OPG’s to carry out.

Currently, Royal Mail have 3 initiatives taking place regarding Parcel Collect:

  • A PDA update to provide a highlighted LABEL icon against collections and items which have a Bring My Label request
  • Technology changes to enable customers to access Parcel Collect through their own online portals, starting with Amazon
  • Championing Parcel Collect initiative – OPG’s that perform Customer Service Point (CSP) roles will be asked to issue to customers a leaflet around Parcel Collect and where possible or as necessary to have a short, informal conversation with customers when they post parcels at the CSP to ensure they are aware that Parcel Collect maybe an option for them

Deployment & Process

PDA Update 

The label icon PDA update will be live in the May PDA software release.  This update sees no change to process, and as such there is no WTLL or training material specific to this change, however existing material (e.g. WPC training material, SOPs) have been updated to reflect the change. This process improvement has been developed with Workplace Coaches and in response to feedback from delivery OPG’s. 

Technology Changes To Enable Customers To Use Their Own Booking System Portal 

Amazon will be the first customer to utilise the new system and will begin to use it on a small scale (c.1k items/week) from 25th April 2022. This will increase to c.32k items per day, which is an average of 1 parcel per walk every other day. However, there is currently a small technical issue which could result in some collections potentially appearing out of sequence on the PDA, if they materialise, they will appear at the front of the list and a solution is being developed for this potential issue. A WTLL brief has been shared which outlines the importance of checking all jobs at the start of the day to ensure none are missed.

Championing Parcel Collect 

In June a stock of leaflets will be sent to every CSPs and those who perform CSP roles are requested to hand out the leaflets to customers for those who require more information. This can, where necessary be supported by a short and informal conversation with the customer whilst dropping off Parcels. A WTLL brief will be shared which contains a script, together with a ‘frequently asked question’ reference sheet to help answer common questions from customers, and a role play video. In advance of the arrival of leaflets at CSPs sites and from the 9th May, those who perform CSP roles can, when possible and necessary, draw to customer’s attention the Parcel Collection service via a short and informal conversation.

Review/ Summary

Royal Mail and the CWU both understand the importance of being able to offer doorstep collections service to customers as it provides convenience, leading to a positive shopping experience, and growing parcel volumes which assist in securing the future of Royal Mail. Royal Mail will share key measures at regular meetings with the CWU at National level and both parties will work together on the planning of future enhancements.

Any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department reference 532, email address:

Yours sincerely, 

Mark Baulch                

CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 214/22 – Joint Communication Parcel Collect Enhancements May 2022

Royal Mail & CWU National Joint Communication Parcel Collect Enhancements – May 2022

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