Menopause – Motion 97 – Postal Conference 2022

Menopause – Motion 97 – Postal Conference 2022

Branches will be aware Motion 97, reproduced below, was submitted to Postal Conference and carried.

97 Menopause and Perimenopause, still a “taboo” subject, with very little information being given to people until they are diagnosed. Often this is too little too late. Menopause is not just a female issue, it is an organisation issue. Conference instructs the Postal Executive to enter negotiations with Royal Mail to set a policy around menopause. The policy would be to introduce an educational menopause training programme for all managers, health & wellbeing ambassadors would be a point of contact for both workers and managers who need advice, or initially someone to talk to. They would also work with HR, CWU H&S department and/or Occupational Health to:

  • Run workshops to raise awareness amongst managers and workers.
  • Inform staff, through steps such as posters, that the employer will support workers having difficulties because of their symptoms.
  • Check that health and safety risk assessments are suitable regarding the perimenopause and menopause.
  • Set up a support network for staff.
  • Signpost workers and managers for more information, especially highlighting ACAS information around absence managements.

North West No. 1

Whilst asking conference to support the motion, I spoke about some of the work which had already been done by the department on the issue of Menopause.  We were involved in the ‘Let’s Talk about Menopause” which was meant to have been delivered in February/March 2022.  However, it became apparent most branches within the conference were not aware of the document.

Therefore, please find attached to this Letter to Branches (LTB) a copy of the “Let’s Talk – Menopause”.

I would draw specific attention to the following contained within the document.

  • The commitment to support members who are experiencing menopausal symptoms and to support members who may be supporting someone through the menopause.
  • The importance of members being able to access the right support to help minimise menopausal symptoms and enable them to fulfil their daily work.
  • A duty of care for Royal Mail as an employer to create flexible options and make reasonable adjustments.
  • Encouraging members to inform your manager at the earliest opportunity and keep them informed by providing updates or having regular ‘check in’ meetings, to ensure you get the best support.
  • The setting up of a support network of Meno-Mates. Meno-mates are going to be volunteers who work within the business. They will be supported by lead Meno-mates who will promote the role and facilitate networking between Meno-mates across all business areas. Royal Mail are currently looking for volunteers We encourage Reps and Members to apply to be Meno-mates.
  • Support is available in the form of First Class Support, Occupational Health, Signposting to GP’s and Uniform.  Occupational Health (OH) Support is available as an Attendance Support Referral, Counselling referral or Physiotherapy Referral.
  • Further support for within your unit is available in the form of flexible working, sick absence and attendance support.

I want to place on record my thanks to the North West No 1 Branch for putting the motion into Conference which enabled us to have the debate on this extremely important topic.

Some statistics about the menopause: –

  • 44% of women, trans and non-binary people have said it affects their work
  • 14% have said they have reduced their hours and 10% have given up work due to the menopause.
  • Going through the menopause massively affects Mental Wellbeing with 70% of women, trans and non-binary people saying they experience anxiety and depression.
  • Many do not want to talk about it, despite it being completely natural.

The CWU want to be part of breaking the taboo of Menopause and I hope this document starts the journey, providing support to CWU Branches, Reps and Members.

We will be continuing our discussions within the businesses we represent and look to ensure our members experiencing Menopause symptoms will get the best support available, to either support them whilst they are at work or enable them to return to work as soon as they are able.

Please give this LTB the widest possible circulation to ensure reps and members know the support which should be available for them.

Any enquiries on this LTB should be sent to the PTCS department, telephone number 020 8971 7455, via email quoting reference number 420 or writing into the department.

Yours sincerely,

Carl Maden
CWU Assistant Secretary

Postal Technical & Central Services Department (PTCS)

Attachment 1: 22LTB203 Menopause – Motion 97 – Postal Conference 2022

Attachment 2: Attachment to 22LTB203 – Menopause Factsheet v14

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