Branches will be aware that whilst CWU Conference will take place next week it will do so against the backdrop that Covid-19 continues to impact upon society.

We wanted to take this opportunity to remind Branches that whilst there are currently no restrictions in place it is the responsibility of each individual to act in accordance with the Government guidelines as far as is practicably possible allowing for the fact that this an event that will be attended by a large number of people.

Covid-19 is very much still with us, and whilst the vaccines have provided us with a degree of protection, infection levels are still high and therefore we must all remain vigilant.

We have contacted the Bournemouth International Centre and we can confirm that the following measures and guidance will be in place for anyone attending the venue during the CWU Annual Conference period:

  • Delegates or Visitors should not enter the venue if you feel unwell or are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19.
  • Safety measures are being maintained in the BIC including the provision of hand sanitisers throughout the venue.
  • Regular cleaning throughout the venue of touch surfaces will be taking place by BIC staff.
  • Whilst it is not compulsory to wear masks it is recommended that this should take place in the general areas of the BIC.
  • Delegates are reminded of the importance of frequent hand washing.
  • Wipes and hand sanitiser will be made available at the rostrum for delegates to clean down any surfaces prior to speaking.
  • Both of the halls being used for the General and Industrial Conferences are large, well ventilated areas.

As the experience of the past couple of years has shown there are no guarantees when it comes to stopping Covid-19 transmission.  However, we all have a responsibility to consider the safety of others when travelling and from and when attending the Conference.

We would advise that individual delegates ensure they have with them face masks and we would also encourage Branches to bring with them hand sanitisers/wipes in order to compliment the protections that will be in place at the BIC.  Delegates are also encouraged to bring with them Lateral Flow Tests in order that they can test appropriately.

All delegates are reminded of the importance of acting responsibly and supporting each other particularly those who are clinically vulnerable and by following the guidelines as much as reasonably practical and possible.

Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be directed to

Yours sincerely,

Tony Kearns
Senior Deputy General Secretary


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