Further to LTB154/22 dated 31stMarch.

Earlier today we met with Capita TVL management to see if progress could be made in relation to pay bargaining.  The meeting, whilst cordial, was unproductive with Capita saying they were unable to make an improved offer as they were at the limit of their mandate.

Evidently there is a significant gap between the two parties, with our strongly held belief that Capita can easily afford to improve the offer and that there needs to be due recognition of the prevailing economic environment our members are experiencing where inflation continues to rise.

We discussed next steps and in particular the possibility of escalating pay negotiations to the next level of senior management.  We welcomed the potential for this but stressed there would be little point in meeting another manager if they were simply going to go through the motions and reiterate the same position.  We therefore urged Capita to seriously consider this matter further as it feels like an impasse has been reached.  This in turn makes the prospect of a ballot for strike action a step closer.

We are meeting with the Postal Executive tomorrow where this issue will be considered further and a meeting will also take place on Monday 11th April with our TVL Reps.

Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

22LTB163 Capita TVL – Cost of Living Crisis – Pay Negotiations

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