CWU Wins Two Major Mental Health Work Awards:

CWU Wins Two Major Mental Health Work Awards:

The CWU has won two major national awards for its work in the field of Mental Health with the presentation event taking place last night in central London at the ‘InsideOut Mental Health 2022 Awards’ evening.

The award that the CWU won collectively, which was presented last night, was made in recognition of the union’s Mental Health Strategy and achievements, the significant work the union does in the field of mental health and workplace stress, the CWU Reps’ training programme, the support given to members and the CWU’s raising of the profile of the issue of mental health – as well as the various landmark agreements with major employers.

The CWU was successful in the following two categories:

  • Mental Health First Aid Award – Winner CWU

Awarded to the organisation who has the best strategy in relation to Mental Health First Aid.

  • Behind The Scenes Champion – Winner Jamie McGovern CWU Area Health and Safety Representative and CWU MHFA Trainer

Awarded to an individual who has worked behind the scenes to create the biggest     impact on the mental health agenda and has made a difference.


Chris Cummings and Rob Stephenson ‘InsideOut’ Mental Health Co-Founders said “The pandemic has elevated mental health and wellbeing up the priority list for most organisations and we are seeing true excellence from organisations like CWU and individuals like Jamie McGovern, all contributing to creating mentally healthier workplaces. The CWU have inspired positive change, true commitment and courageousness to enable real change within their field towards creating mentally healthier workplaces.”

Dave Joyce CWU National Health and Safety Officer said “I‘m delighted and honoured to have received this prestigious award for the CWU and to be the first Trade Union to win it plus the fact that the award was sponsored and presented by ‘Mental Health First Aid (England)’ the organisation that sets the standards for training and guidance in this country. The award recognises the huge amount of work and achievement the Health and Safety Department has done at HQ but additionally this is an award recognising the great work of our CWU Mental Health Network across all our regions and an award for every single CWU representative and Mental Health First Aider throughout our Union at every level who has made a contribution to this great Union’s work in taking action to prioritise and address better mental health in the workplace and continually raising awareness of how important mental health is by getting involved with the membership, making every effort to support, engage and connect, promote wellbeing and highlight the importance of maintaining good mental health. Jamie McGovern winning the individual award also was the icing on the cake. He’s done nothing but great work for this Union and is a great flag bearer for others.”

Steve Jones, NEC and Chair of the CWU’s ‘Mental Health Project Team’ said: “In the week that I commemorated the 10th anniversary of the loss of my son to suicide, I am immensely proud that this Union has won 2 awards. I am particularly pleased that Jamie McGovern’s immensely inspirational work has been recognised. I know Jamie will want to share his award with Reps up and down the country who are supporting countless members. I am not exaggerating when I say lives have been saved.”

Jamie McGovern CWU Greater Mersey Amal Branch ASR and Mental Health First Aid Trainer said: “The CWU as a whole are lauded for ongoing efforts to care for members and it’s great to see our union being recognised for this and, hopefully, this will inspire others to take a similar approach in their organisations. Mental health support is a team game. The CWU mental health first aiders and our mental health support reps network are changing lives by supporting members and ensuring stress risk assessments are carried out in the workplace. The network has helped hundreds of people to improve their working experience and to be able to continue in their workplace and to help them to feel better in their everyday lives. I’m proud of every one of those CWU Reps and of my union who, in my opinion, set the benchmark for other unions to follow. These two awards give recognition to what we do and what we’ve achieved.”

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB142 CWU Wins Two Major Mental Health Work Awards

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