Further to LTB 374/21 circulated to Branches and Representatives on 7th September 2021, the purpose of this communication is to provide an update regarding some further developments in relation to Postal Industrial Training.

In response to LTB 330/21 circulated on 11th August 2021, a total of thirty Reps put their names forward to attend the Train the Trainer courses. The first session was held in Birmingham on 27th and 28th October 2021 for the updated Dispute Resolution Procedure (DRP) / IR Framework training, as well as Conduct code. An additional online session was also held on 10thNovember 2021 as a refresher, only for those industrial tutors who were to deliver the DRP training. The Attendance training did not feature at this stage, due to the ongoing policy negotiations and the possibility of changes near that time.

Undoubtedly, the Covid Pandemic impacted on the ability of the Postal Department to match the volume of face to face Industrial Training that was delivered pre-pandemic. The Postal Executive therefore recognised the importance of taking steps to re-energise face to face Industrial Training in 2022.

It is apparent that the number of available trained tutors varies from area to area and it is important that, as an initial first step, the gaps in training are highlighted going forward. Each Division has now identified a lead Divisional Rep for training, who will act as a conduit between the Field and the DGS(P) Department. They will also proactively liaise with Branches, to help ascertain their exact needs in terms of Industrial Training. The list of Divisional Training leads is attached (Attachment 1). This approach should also be used to notify the DGS(P) Department of further potential new trainers, so that the appropriate tuition is provided at an early stage.

Divisions and Branches are encouraged to have Industrial Education and Training as a standard agenda item for their meetings and the appropriate Branch training facilities should be identified by Division. This will enable Reps to attend the nearest site, when this proves to be beneficial in terms of numbers.

Branches should ensure that the names of all attendees of the various courses are relayed to Patryk Haracz ( so that an updated and ongoing list can be kept in the DGS(P) Department of all the trained Reps, together with their Branches and Workplaces.

In relation to the Postal Department Education and Training Sub-Committee, Branches will be aware that John Hunt has recently left the Business. I would like to thank John for all of his work in helping to establish the Postal Industrial Training programme. Saf Khan has agreed to now lead this Sub-Committee on behalf of the Postal Executive and will be supported by Divisional Reps Bob McGuire, Mark Bolton and Steve Wisely. There will also be DGS(P) Departmental support available for the sub-group, as required.

The Postal Executive have also now endorsed the content of an Industrial Organising Workshop that has been designed on behalf of the DGS(P) Department by Lynn Browne, Postal Executive member Saf Khan and Divisional Rep Bob McGuire. This is a bite-sized course to give our Local Representatives the confidence and skills to recruit non-members and new entrants on their shifts or in their units.

The course material will be stress tested with Reps from a number of locations, who are currently being identified. Once this has occurred, it is our intention to seek volunteers from the list of current industrial trainers to attend a further Train the Trainer event on this topic. This will help with the rollout of the workshop training and equip Reps with the tools necessary to help in delivering this initiative.

This work is particularly timely given the focus on Recruitment and retention from both the General Secretary Department and Organising Department, as well as the national GROW campaign. This Industrial Training will also undoubtedly complement the overarching recruitment activity that is currently taking place.

Branches will appreciate the importance of rolling out this training package, if we are to give our Reps the best possible chance of recruiting both the 17,838 non-members in the Postal constituency, as well as the new entrants.

In closing, I would like to thanks Lynn Browne, Saf Khan and Bob McGuire for their work in developing the course material at pace and I have no doubt that this will prove to be beneficial to all of our Reps. Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Pullinger
Deputy General Secretary (Postal)


LTB 086/22 Attachment 1

View Online


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