Anglia Divisional Representative Election: Vote Richard Line

The reason I am running for the position as one of your divisional reps is based on a few things, which I believe are concerns for all.

I believe that we should all have the opportunity to progress and I also believe that we as a union should look for people to support and encourage into new positions. There should be a continued line of succession, so we don’t fail our members through a lack of support.

In have a proven track record of battling with the business. In my own office revision the business wanted to take out 1300 hours per week which equalled over 30 jobs and all SA’s;

After negotiation, using the tools and agreements provided they got 550 hours which includes 140 for the shorter working week. We started with 126 full time people and now we are up to 140… 36 leave reserves, of which 15are full time and 21 are on 32 hours.

We moved away from being a ‘union’, which is what the business wanted, by letting each function perform its own revisions, and no care was shown to the knock-on effect, which has meant that we have a membership that is divided in opinion, and worse, the length of the working week. I will work tirelessly to reunite the members and the functions.

I like reading and I am methodical, if the detail is wrong, I am not afraid to challenge!

If elected I will make sure that all reps receive the relevant training and support required to carry out the role

I am always contactable, and if cannot answer your call, I will always get back to you, at the earliest opportunity.

Please use your vote, and vote Richard Line.


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