Royal Mail Group (RMG)/CWU Agreement – Mental Health First Aid Training for Physical/Medical First Aiders and CWU Area Health and Safety Representatives (February-March 2022 Course Dates – Applications Now Invited)

Royal Mail Group (RMG)/CWU Agreement – Mental Health First Aid Training for Physical/Medical First Aiders and CWU Area Health and Safety Representatives (February-March 2022 Course Dates – Applications Now Invited)

LTB 481/18 and LTB696/19 reported to branches that a major Agreement on Mental Health First Aid Training had been reached by the CWU Health, Safety & Environment Department with Royal Mail Group and as part of the Royal Mail Group, “Because Healthy Minds Matter”, five-year mental health strategy, Royal Mail Group has agreed to up-skill all managers, all physical/medical first aiders and all CWU ASRs with Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training which will involve approximately 10,000 Managers, and 5,500 CWU members who are First Aid volunteers across the UK. In addition, all CWU Area Health and Safety Representatives in all Royal Mail Group Businesses and Business Units, approximately 150 CWU Health and Safety Reps, will be included in the programme plus 700 Health & Wellbeing Ambassadors, most of whom are CWU Reps and members will be able to attend the MHFA one-day training courses also.

The MHFA training is evidence based and is aimed at increasing people’s mental health awareness, skills and confidence, enabling them to step in to situations where they notice signs of poor mental health and help someone in distress and to give first aid support, talk, and help prevent them from hurting themselves and signpost them to the right professional, expert support.

The training will be provided by in-house, accredited, licensed MHFA instructors. The Royal Mail Group trainers have completed the MHFA England Trainer’s Course. They undertake 6 days of training, then have to run 2 x 2 days MHFA courses on which they are assessed by MHFA England assessors and are then licensed to deliver the training. A MHFA England specially designed 1-day-plus course will be provided and is a condensed version of the standard 2-day MHFA (England) training course. The trainers complete some additional training in order to deliver this ‘condensed’ one-day-plus course which is what RMG is delivering.

2,100 Royal Mail Group employees have so far attended the RMG delivered MHFA courses – mainly managers. Approximately 25% are front line CWU grades, CWU Reps and Health & Wellbeing Ambassadors.

The organisation and delivery of courses were disrupted and ceased during the pandemic but are now re-starting with a determined effort to organise as many courses as possible.

Course dates for the first quarter period February – March 2022 have now been released and applications are invited from Physical/Medical First Aiders and CWU Area Health and Safety Reps to attend the 1-day Mental Health First Aid Courses at the venues and at the times in the table listed below. CWU Members who are Health & Wellbeing Ambassadors can also apply to attend.

Enrolment on a course can be made (with line management approval) via PSP/Success Factors on the Royal Mail Group Intranet site or by calling the HR Service Centre on 0345 6060603.

To book a Course:

  1. Access SuccessFactors:
  • Use the following details the first time you logon. The details can be found on your payslip:
  • User name = your employee number e.g. 12345678
  • Password = your National Insurance number without any dashes or spaces. The first two letters should be upper case, and the last, lower case e.g. AB123456c
  • When you log on to the system for the first time, please enter your personal email address in your profile, under ‘My Employee File’.
  1. Once logged in, click on the drop down in the top left of the SuccessFactors home screen and select ‘Learning’.
  2. Search for ‘mental health’ – you will see ‘Mental Health First Aid’ within the search results where you view and register for an available course.

If there are no spaces for a local course, a waiting list is available and more courses are being added regularly. Alternatively the Unit can contact hrsclearningservices@royalmail.comwith a request to run a course if there are a number of colleagues who would like to attend.

Training will usually be 09:00-17:00unless designed specifically for a late/night shift.Training locationDateExeter MC16/02/2022Jubilee MC16/02/2022Jubilee MC17/02/2022Bristol MC17/02/2022Glasgow MC23/02/2022North West Midlands MC24/02/2022Farringdon Road24/02/2022Bristol MC25/02/2022NDC01/03/2022NDC02/03/2022Northampton Central DO02/03/2022Nottingham MC03/03/2022Preston MC04/03/2022Birmingham MC04/03/2022Leicester MPU07/03/2022Tyneside MC08/03/2022Sheffield MC09/03/2022Dartford MC14/03/2022Warrington MC08/03/2022Gatwick MC14/03/2022Leicester MPU21/03/2022

Any management enquiries should be directed to:


  • LTB 481/2018 – Royal Mail Group (RMG)/CWU Agreement – Mental Health First Aid Training for Physical/Medical First Aiders and CWU Area Health and Safety Representatives: (Part Of The Royal Mail Group 5-Year Mental Health Strategy)
  • Joint Statement between Royal Mail Group and CWU – Mental Health First Aid Training for Physical First Aiders and CWU Area Health and Safety Representatives
  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Course Summary Description.

Alongside the Mental Health First Aid Awareness classroom training, RMG provides the following which is also available via PSP/Success Factors on the RMG Intranet site:-

  • Two ‘Because Healthy Minds Matter’ e-learning modules
  • Managing Stress e-Learning
  • Managing and Preventing Stress Guidance
  • 5 Mental Health Foundation Videos

Mental Health Support Available

First Class Support helpline – completely confidential, independent and available 24/7 – Call 0345 266 5060.

First Class Support digital services– or download the ‘Lifeworks’ app.

Call the helpline or use the online chat facility via the website/app if you would like to talk to someone about any physical or mental health-related matter, for lifestyle advice, or for direct access to counselling treatments. Digital services include support resources, toolkits, health and wellbeing assessments and personal care programmes.

New users of the website or app can sign up using a unique invitation code, which is ‘RMG-‘and your payroll number, e.g. RMG-12345678.

Stress Toolkit: including the managing and preventing workplace stress guide; individual stress risk assessment; and the group stress risk assessment.

Shout Mental Health Text Service: Text Shout to 85258 in the UK to text with a trained Crisis Volunteer.

Samaritans: Call 116 123 – available 24/7.


We the CWU want equality between physical health and mental health. Better mental health is good for everyone and we want to see a transformation in workplaces on how they think about mental health. This is key because members spend a third of their time at work.

Further updates will be issued as appropriate.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB067 RMG CWU Agreement Mental Health First Aid Training for Physical Medical First Aiders and CWU ASRs (February-March 2022 Course Dates)

18LTB481 Royal Mail Group(RMG) CWU Agreement – Mental Health First Aid Training

MHFA Training Joint Statement Final

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Course Summary Description

View Online


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