Mandatory Fair & Equal Course – Interim Delivery Measures

Mandatory Fair & Equal Course – Interim Delivery Measures

The purpose of this LTB is to advise Branches that the NEC has endorsed an interim approach to how the mandatory Fair & Equal course is delivered.

The primary reason for the change is that as a result of Further Education funding cuts, our College providers cannot deliver the course in its current format.

This raises a number of issues including our compliance with the policy of continued delivery of this crucial course. There is also a high demand for it to continue whilst future plans are being prepared and proposed.

Consequently, it is important to put interim measures in place to ensure high quality and consistent equality and diversity training for our representatives.

Therefore, between now and close of Conference 2022, the course will be delivered by CWU aligned qualified tutors who are willing to assist.

It should be noted that during this period, the course will be run “informally” meaning that there will be no recognised accreditation or qualification. However, the CWU will provide an “in-house” certificate of successful completion.

This interim measure will be reviewed post-conference 2022.

Regions and Branches are advised to request running the Fair & Equal course at local venues or via online platforms e.g. “zoom” by emailing

Yours sincerely,

Kate Hudson
Head of Equality, Education & Development

22LTB 042 – Mandatory Fair & Equal Course – Interim Delivery Measures

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