CWU Young Workers Conference 2022 – Online Registration

CWU Young Workers Conference 2022 – Online Registration

As detailed in LTB 573/21 the Young Workers Conference will now be an online event held on Friday 28th January 2022.

Registration for the conference was detailed in LTB 535/21 dated 7th December 2021.   Details were also sent to every Branch Secretary in December by email providing them with information on how to register along with the password for their branch.

Branches were asked to register their delegates/observers using the link below. However, now that the conference is an online event branches are asked to continue using the online registration but to register ONLY delegates using this link.

Acknowledgement receipts have been sent to those applications already received.

Those branches that have registered Observers will be sent information at a later date with details on how the conference can be viewed online.

If you experience any problems or you have any enquiries regarding this LTB please contact Angela Niven by email to

Yours sincerely,

A P Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary

LTB 010/22 – CWU Young Workers Conference online registration

View Online


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