Branches will be aware that LTB 515/21, dated 29 November 2021 advised of the arrangements for the 2022 Young Workers Conference and that the Conference would be taking place in Birmingham on 27 January 2022.

In view of the current Covid 19 circumstances the NEC (Emergency Committee) believe that it is appropriate to review the decision to hold a physical face to face Conference as a result of the recent developments particularly around the new Omicron variant of the Covid19 virus that have occurred subsequent to this decision being made.

As it stands rates of Covid infection are rising exponentially and according to Government and SAGE Scientists will continue to do so into the New Year. At the time of publishing this LTB there are various rumours circulating about whether or not the country will face more severe restrictions (described by some as Plan C or further lockdowns) before or after Christmas.

This is a difficult situation for the CWU to manage both as an employer and especially in this case where we have planned for a national event where CWU representatives would be required to travel from all parts of the UK.

In respect of our employees, we have a duty of care to those employees who would be expected to travel and attend the Young Workers Conference. We are responsible for their health and safety during this pandemic and we have to exercise our responsibilities here in good faith.

Additionally, it is also not possible to simply defer the YW Conference until a date later in the year where we may have a clearer picture in respect of the ongoing impact of Covid 19 due to the issue of a fixed deadline that cannot be changed for the submission of motions from the Young Workers conference to the General Conference. The closing date for motions to General Conference is at midnight on Sunday the 30th January 2022.

Subsequently after consideration the NEC (Emergency Committee) have now agreed that the 2022 Young Workers Conference will now be held on 28 January 2022and that it will be an Online Virtual Conference. 

Following the above decision discussion will take place with the Chair and Vice-Chair of the SOC and the Chair and Secretary of the Young Workers Committee regarding the impact of moving from a physical to a Virtual Conference.

There will not be a need to alter or change any of the arrangements (previously published in LTB 535/21 dated 7 December 2021) in relation to the arrangements and deadlines for the submission of motions etc therefore branches should continue to follow the information as set out in the LTB.

Further information will be published in due course regarding the registration of delegates to the online Virtual Conference.

Any enquiries regarding this Letter to Branches should be addressed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary’s Department on telephone number 020 8971 7237, or email address

Yours sincerely,

Tony Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary

LTB 573/21

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