POL – Re-Introduction of Mandatory Face Masks and Covid-Secure Controls plus Road Safety Update:

POL – Re-Introduction of Mandatory Face Masks and Covid-Secure Controls plus Road Safety Update:

Discussions take place on a regular basis between the CWU Health, Safety & Environment Department and Post Office Limited’s Director of Health and Safety as they have done throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic along with regular on-line meetings of the National Joint Health and Safety Committees for DMBs and for Supply Chain/CVIT plus the National Joint Road Risk Forum where the Health, Safety & Environment Department have tabled a number of occupational road risk ideas and proposals plus the driver safety campaign, including materials, along with driver training proposals and a suggested supplier.

Campaigns that we proposed last year:

. Driver fatigue
· Speeding and Speed Awareness Training
·   Driver distraction and Mobile Phones

A meeting will take place with POL to discuss road safety shortly.

On Covid-19, we were recently in meetings discussing the response to the Government’s Plan B announcement, which resulted in POL issuing urgent communications to those POL teams supporting branches and attending Central offices.

The POL Safety Team have been conducting visits to PO branches to support and also monitor the public response to the new guidelines, including the important re-introduction to wearing face coverings.

POL has re-introduced Safety updates and Covid-19 calls with the Union to review the data, guidance and current impact on POL.

POL have taken steps over the past 2 weeks to tighten up Covid controls behind DMB PO counters and have re-introduced mandatory face masks/coverings in agreement with CWU.

Face masks are now compulsory for customers visiting Post Offices across all UK nations.

The Health, Safety & Environment Department has submitted a request for the introduction of CO2 monitors in POL buildings and Ventilation improvements. POL has taken steps to ensure air quality checks have been completed for every DMB and Supply Chain site and the POL Facilities Management (FM) provider has implemented identified improvements.

When Covid restrictions were relaxed prior to the new rules re-introducing face coverings on 10 December, POL had kept in place all other Covid-Secure controls in CVIT Supply Chain and DMBs, including wearing face coverings on the public side of counters, social distancing wherever possible, use of screens and daily enhanced cleaning and monthly anti-pathogen fogging.  POL also has sanitiser stations in place for customers and are encouraging social distancing through notices to customers and behind counters and all communal areas in Supply chain.

Whilst the number of positive cases have increased slightly in POL DMBs, overall the rates across POL remain low when these are compared to the transmission rates in the population as a whole and this is encouraging, but POL cannot be complacent and the situation is being monitored daily.

POL took the decision last week to ask office employees to work from home where their roles allow and POL has refrained from encouraging staff to return to the office, unless there is an essential need to meet face to face. The POL H&S team and Property are advising those teams who have meetings and desk bookings in POL Central offices.

POL Field teams will continue to provide essential support to branches and Supply Chain, and the POL Safety Director has reiterated the Covid-19 H&S controls and are strongly encouraging employees to take Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Tests, which have been offered to all employee across the POL business, including anyone required to commute to central offices for essential meetings.

POL is also advising all field team staff to avoid car sharing again but if by exception it is necessary, they should follow the guidance that POL has published to minimise risks.

Attached is a copy of POL ‘one update’ communication on Covid-19 update.

Yours Sincerely

Dave Joyce

National Health Safety & Environment Officer

LTB 554-21 – POL – Re-Introduction of Mandatory Face Masks and Covid-Secure Controls plus Road Safety Update

Important Covid 19 Update for Colleagues

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