CWU RMPFS Engineering and Admin Grades Officials – Vacancies

CWU RMPFS Engineering and Admin Grades Officials – Vacancies

Further to LTB 518/21 dated 30th November 2021 branches will note that there were a number of positions that remained vacant due to no nominations being received.

We are therefore re-advertising these positions and nomination forms for all vacant positions are attached to this LTB. All Candidates must have the nomination of their own branch which must be agreed at a branch meeting. Completed nomination forms must be signed by the Branch Secretary and Branch Chair (or accredited deputies) and the nominee. The Form should then be returned to Tony Kearns, Senior Deputy General Secretary, on the following email by 14.00 on 22nd December 2021

The term of office for all these positions is a period of 2 years in line with the CWU Recognition & Industrial Framework Agreement 2021.

REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES:SPCNorth East721, 722, 813, 814, 891, 892East Anglia724, 725, 813, 876, 894, 895South West & Wales723, 726, 852, 854, 863, 893, 896Thames Valley, London & South East725, 726, 727, 862, 863, 880, 884, 892, 895, 896, 897


The timetable for the nominations is as follows:

Nominations open: Friday 10th December 2021
Nominations close: Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Any ballots will be run in accordance with the CWU guidelines for Regional Engineering/Admin Representatives, which are attached for your information. In the event that a ballot is required a timetable will be notified to branches in due course.

Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to the PTS Department quoting Ref 320 at e-mail address:

Yours sincerely
Carl Maden
Assistant Secretary

LTB 537/32

Att:Election Guidelines 2021

Att:Leeds Admin Centre Nom Form

Att:Regional Representative Vacancies Nom Form

View Online


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